Kosmorro is now the Universe. 🌟
Thank you for your amazing support for this software!

I wish you a happy new year, full of successful observation nights for 2022!

Just published Kosmorro 0.10.6.
It notably fixes an issue that made the text difficult to read if you are using a light background on your terminal.

Kosmorrolib v1.0
Kosmorro v0.10.4

Now available on PyPI, AUR and FreeBSD!

Find every details to install here:
- Kosmorro: kosmorro.space/cli/download/
- Kosmorrolib: kosmorro.space/lib

It is essential for your app that the libraries you are using are solid.
This applies to Kosmorrolib too, and this is the reason why a hard work is being made to increase the number of tests to reach as close as 100% of test coverage.



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