You don't need to wonder about the spelling when you talk about the project to your friends 👀

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Would you be interested if Kosmorro shown a small, non-intrusive alert when a new version is available to invite you to upgrade?

Would you be interested if Kosmorro shown a small, non-intrusive alert when a new version is available to invite you to upgrade?

What version of 3 do you have installed on your machine?
(You can get it with `python --version`)

Kosmorro 0.10.10 has been released, it fixes some issues, mostly cosmetic.
The Docker image has been dropped and will not be updated anymore. If you were using it, other install options are available, like the AppImage introduced with 0.10.8.


Kosmorro 1.0 is still in active development, current work in progress:
- complete rework of PDFs: github.com/Kosmorro/pdf-genera
- Windows compatibility: github.com/Kosmorro/kosmorro/p
- bugfix on the ephemerides computation: github.com/Kosmorro/lib/pull/5

For now, I'm trying to keep compatibility with Python 3.7+, but since some dependencies have already dropped it (like NumPy), I can't make the promise that for now.

Command line application now has true tests, with checks against the information sent to standard output!
This will help a lot to stabilize the program for version 1.0!


Kosmorro is now the Universe. 🌟
Thank you for your amazing support for this software!

Please note that the AppImage does not contain TeXLive to reduce the size, and because TeXLive is not easy to configure in a portable way.
To generate your PDFs, you will need to install it the regular way, as explained on kosmorro.space/cli/generate-pd

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Kosmorro v0.10.8 has been published today.
Besides some stability patches, it is the first version to be released as an AppImage executable, making it much easier to use on Linux.
Nothing to install (not even Python). Just download, unzip, chmod +x et voilà.

The AppImage can be downloaded from the last release on GitHub: github.com/Kosmorro/kosmorro/r

It will be added to the download page of the website as soon as possible :)

Oops, there is a small mistake: there will be no opposition of Jupiter on December, 24th.
Looks like there's a bug to fix on Kosmorrolib 👀

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I wish you a happy new year, full of successful observation nights for 2022!

Version 0.10.7 of Kosmorro (a.k.a the "Oops version") is out: github.com/Kosmorro/kosmorro/r

(Remember when I said version 0.10.3 would be most likely the last version of Kosmorro before the release of version 1.0? 🙃 )

Just published Kosmorro 0.10.6.
It notably fixes an issue that made the text difficult to read if you are using a light background on your terminal.

Kosmorrolib v1.0
Kosmorro v0.10.4

Now available on PyPI, AUR and FreeBSD!

Find every details to install here:
- Kosmorro: kosmorro.space/cli/download/
- Kosmorrolib: kosmorro.space/lib

Kosmorrolib v1.0 will actually be released Monday, not tomorrow.
Sorry for the delay.

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