Anybody have any experience with (laptop) Dell Latitude 14 E5470?
Considering buying used and can't find much info about how it works with Linux.

So there's an GPL Sonic game based on the DOOM engine - and it looks better than the official 3D games:

(This is 20 years old, but I've just found out)

Semantic diff for XML,JSON and similar formats:

This sort of thing has been on my TODO/wish list for a while, it's nice someone's doing it.

(now if we had semantic diff for programming languages... would need a library to abstract AST's of individual languages)

There are people modding old Final Fantasy games now. /

This one's an FF9 graphics update mod. A game publisher would call that a 'HD remaster' and ask 30 EUR for it.

This looks like a really good and full-featured for latency issues (Similar to RAD Telemetry but open source):

Bought a cheap refurbished `HP EliteBook 820 G2`, and could not find up-to-date info on Linux compatibility, so here goes:

Everything works out of the box at least on new Ubuntu/Manjaro. Boot, WiFi, power management, function keys, battery, suspend, etc. . No issues.

Didn't try the WWAN module, though (but it is correctly detected).

Also, now that I think of it, didn't try hibernate, suspend + battery is good enough.

Also, the notebook is good.


I've been lurking on the fediverse for a while, but never posted much. I tend to get too consumed by my projects.

Currently writing a latency-oriented tracing profiler for C and a pcap file parser for D. I get paid for writing network security tools.

I read a lot of sci-fi (currently the Babylon 5 books, Velocity Weapon is next). I'd like to have more time to play games.

Hope to write about my projects as I progress.


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