Weirdly, it looks like Microsoft has made something I like.

"Microsoft Has Built a Font for the Command Line"

@mike Personally, I don't like because you can't between ->, -->, → and so on. However I'm rather following the trend within and to be honest, it seriously makes me think that the might being one day.

@KeyWeeUsr @mike I'm cautiously curious of ligatures. I'm used to what I've seen on my screen for decades, but I'm holding back judgement until I've actually tried to used them or at least seen others use them. I do think aesthetics and readability are important, and am willing to entertain the idea that ligatures might contribute to them.

It's been years I'm using GNU Unifont in all text editors and IDEs simply because it's free and supports all Unicode.
But I've tried Fira Code and ligatures for something like a year. Not bad at all. You need to get used to it, but very nice.
@KeyWeeUsr @mike

@AAMfP @clacke @mike What about selections? How do selecting a behave? Do you get some silly character or reserved back, or do you get a proper "->" / "lambda" / ...? That I was always about.

Technically, the ligatures are only graphical things. The file still contains proper characters. So if I type > and = the text file will contain >= but the IDE or text editor or console will show ≥ .
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@AAMfP @clacke @mike Yeah, I know. Otherwise the end would kindly tell the user to gtfo with errors :D The question is about from the though :) What happens if I Ctrl+C the symbol? Can I even select only a part of it such as ">" from ">="? What will be in the ? 🤔

Yes, you can select part of the ligature text, as if it was the normal characters, like it is. If you select what you see as ≥ and past it somewhere else with a font without ligatures, you have >=. When moving with the cursor through ≥ you have to click your arrow button twice: > and =.
@clacke @mike

@KeyWeeUsr @clacke @mike
Give it a try. I'm back to GNU Unifont for IDEs and text editors (and GNU FreeFont for other things) only because of the license. But I felt at home even with Fira Code: the first fifteen minutes spent on trying all ligatures in IntelliJ IDEA 😅 then I got back to work and the feeling of the font and its ligatures was good anyway. I've used it for about one year.

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