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There's a Minetest challenge in Google CTF 2019, where you need to solve a gigantic mesecons logic network. Here is an awesome video by @LiveOverflow:

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TIL that m marks horizontal position too in . :vim:

Knew for awhile now that you could get back to the same line using ', but didn't know that you could back to the exact same horizontal position using ` (backtick character). Neat!

Just removed the entire root partition this time, extracted the tar onto the clean partition, actually finished the upgrade this time and bam - finally back on my fresh, up-to-date OS with no reinstalling of the OS or programs. What a ride, but at least I know that my backups work now... ๐Ÿ˜… (2/2)

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Just recovered from a bricked install for the first time... Accidentally broke it a few days ago when I made the mistake of only partially upgrading some packages.

Used a tar backup to overwrite my root partition, but that caused a lot of conflicting packages errors. Eventually fixed all of them and tried doing a full system upgrade when a power outage hit and bricked the install again. (1/2)

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I don't think it's how any of us hoped it would work out, but there's an argument to be made that this is true.

"How Windows and Chrome quietly made 2019 the year of Linux on the desktop"

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Just finished setting up my dotfiles repository to use chezmoi. Now, I'm managing different configs for my home machine, laptop, home server and school computer all using the same branch. Neat!

Outfitted my Thinkpad with a black skin and a few stickers. :archlinux: :vim: :bash:

Put a Bash sticker on even though I use Fish, a superior shell. ๐Ÿ˜

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