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Don't just be a LibreOffice user – be part of the community that makes it rock! Yusuf Keten is a developer who's added new features, but you can also help out with design, marketing, documentation and more:

Internet is slow and super expensive in Cuba. But Havana has a private wired and wireless connecting 1000s of gamers to play WoW, trade networking gear on a homemade Craigslist, and chat.

It's called SNET:

I reference projects related to and and created a basic plugin. I could include Webmentions at built time (with a cache file). There is less traffic for client side connecting to when they browse the web pages.

OAuth 2.1 has officially been adopted by the IETF OAuth working group! 🎉

I'll be chatting about this and many other updates from last week's security workshop today during OAuth Happy Hour! Join me and bring your questions!
This happened today when my wife plugged in her phone. It was sitting on our bed, and there were visible, literal flames. Thankfully she was there and this was the only damage.
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