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“If life is a video game, the graphics are great, but the plot is confusing & the tutorial is way too long.” - Elon Musk [2048x1072] https://redd.it/ncmf2y
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Mastodon's desktop site has two different interfaces: single column (like Twitter) and multicolumn (like Tweetdeck)

You can switch between these interfaces by going to:

Preferences > Appearance > Enable Advanced Web Interface

(selecting this activates multicolumn, unselecting activates single column)

Multicolumn has four columns by default, but you can add more, which may suit people with very wide monitors.

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Our Colonial Pipeline Hack FAQ covers:

✅ What is Ransomware?
✅ What is the Ransomware Industry?
✅ What is DarkSide?
✅ What exactly happened last Friday?
✅ Why did they target Colonial Pipeline?
✅ What can I do to defend myself against ransomware? eff.org/deeplinks/2021/05/faq-

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LBRY is hiring:

💼 senior partnership manager
🔒 blockchain and backend engineers
🎨 frontend engineers
🤗 community managers


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Mastodon instances have different visual themes available.

You can change your theme by going to Preferences > Appearance > Site Theme, then click on Save Changes

Most instances have a dark theme, a light theme and a high contast theme. However, instance admins can add more themes and some offer many different colour schemes.

If you want more themes to be offered on your instance, contact your admin.

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PC upgrade to-do list:
1. RAM (in shipping)
2. HDD -> SSD. (Hopefully the price drops)
3. GPU (yeah... Give that a year or two.)

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You can type emoji on Mastodon without using the picker.

Type : (colon) and then a keyword, then select what you want from the pop-up menu

(For example, typing :sun will bring up emoji containing the word "sun".)

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Of course!

But linux Is better and open source is the way to go as it's proven to be secure and a sustainable development practice.

Manjaro is a great distro in my opinion, and it is a blend of stability and cutting edge.

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Facebook/Instagram are pressuring users to allow their apps to track them to keep the apps "free of charge".

Reminder: these apps were never free — giving up your data is worth a lot.


Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

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You don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon!

All links count as 23 characters, even if they are longer.

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When Big Tech is long gone, a better future will come from the seed of the public interest internet: seeds that are being planted now, and which need everyone to nurture them until they’re strong enough to sustain our future in a more open and free society.eff.org/deeplinks/2021/05/intr

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End-to-end encryption is what makes a digital message truly private, read only by its intended recipient. ssd.eff.org/en/node/50

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The EU Commission got many things right in the Digital Services Act #DSA proposal. But improvements are necessary to ensure that users are in charge over their online experience. eff.org/pages/digital-services

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The invasive marketplace for your data needs to be tamed by privacy legislation, not used by the government as an end-run around the warrant requirement. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/04/tell

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