What's everyone's thoughts on the story. I mean if you already use are you not bothered by what's happening and will stay put ? Or are you considering shifting to another git repo such as or even self hosting with ?Please boost for a wider reach TIA 😉

@JustineSmithies I moved to @codeberg some time ago for other reasons, e.g. MFA, only supporting SSH for push etc. My GH account was 12 years old and my password was 224466, I don't get all this MFA BS 😆.

Regarding Copilot, I think taking code from others, ignoring the license and selling it to customers is mind boggling, legal or not.

@JustineSmithies I was already in the process of provisioning a second server rack in my basement (and I got a static IP for our backup Internet connection) to bring lots of externally hosted services in house while keeping a physical separation from the lab and the home / office network.

So I’ll soon be self hosting either Gitea or migrate to Fossil. I’ll likely keep projects which are on GH there and consider mirroring to GL to make life of potential contributors easier.

@JustineSmithies I host my own Gitea instance, I found it fast, efficient, and reliable. EZ updates (using docker / docker-compose).

I left github when Microsoft took over.

@JustineSmithies New projects will be started on Codeberg, I guess.

I'm not really that active with my projets (there) at the moment, though.

@JustineSmithies I worked at GitHub for 5 years. I stayed on over a year after Microsoft bought them. I have no moral high ground here; I'm bobbing in the sea. GitLab's interface is anathema to me and I love my network effects, so it's going to be real hard for me to switch.

On the other hand, I think the way that CoPilot works is deeply unethical. On top of that, the person who is in charge of the project is the biggest asshole that I've ever had the displeasure of working with. I won't use it. I wasn't even willing to try it when I had early access to it. I think it deserves to be sued into oblivion and I don't understand why it hasn't been yet.

@jordan @JustineSmithies Can CoPilot scan anyone’s repo, or do you have to allow it first?

@pete @jordan @JustineSmithies They said somewhere, they used all public projects on GitHub regardless of the License. No way to opt-in or opt-out.

@trill @jordan @JustineSmithies That’s… not cool. So much for Microsoft being a “proud steward” of open source software.

@pete @trill @JustineSmithies Yeah CoPilot DGAF about your license. Even if you put a license up that specifically said "CoPilot go away," GitHub says "we can ignore that because of our ToS, deal with it"

@jordan interesting. I absolutely love the Gitlab interface, I think it is elegant and well-structured. The Github UI always looks like Fisher Price to me. But I guess everybody's MMV. 😄

10-4 on the copilot thing. But that's microsoft I suppose...

@fedops @JustineSmithies Yeah, for me I'm sure it's about 33% muscle memory, 33% feeling comfortable with GitHub because I've seen and worked on the code that runs it, and 33% leftover indoctrination against Gitlab as a competitor

@jordan @JustineSmithies if anything i feel like it's one of those things that could be involved in a case of "oracle vs google" proportions

@JustineSmithies At work: stuck with github for the foreseeable future because we have a lot of our automated tooling connecting to it. Looking at putting new projects elsewhere; we already have some code hosted on our own servers, etc., so no big hassle there.

Personal: I'd only jumped to github a few years ago so am in the process (July) of moving back.

@JustineSmithies github's near-monopoly has been a really big problem for well over a decade and the importance of getting off it has been clear to me for a really long time.

every time they have a high-profile fuckup (selling out to MS, ICE fascist collaboration, copilot) I'm glad to see it helps more people see the obvious truth but it doesn't change anything for me.

@JustineSmithies stopped using github a couple of years ago. Switched fully to gitea and never looked back.

MS are vampires, not friends. Always have been. Always will be.

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