_finally_ got my development environment setup on my new Arch install. I remembered why I love XMonad... I also remember why I get so frustrated with Haskell...

Post 3 in is a quick setup guide for install GCC Emacs, `native-comp` branch. It's incredibly fast. jds.work/trying-gcc-emacs/

Holy shit. Just compiled and ran the native-comp branch of Emacs and wow it's fast.

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Almost got it.
Okay that should work.
One more tweak.

Fuck how is it 3 am already?

It’s been about a year of Arch use (spare time not work) and I’m still learning to always “check the wiki” first. Say what you will about Arch users but the Arch Wiki is an incredible resource, for more than just arch based distros.

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Compiling in running in - no better example of the recursion, this should be in the textbook for programmers 😄

Ending Day 2 of insane blackouts and below freezing temperatures in north Texas. Thankfully our fireplace can keep my 3 month old and wife sufficiently warm for the night.

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Even if your not a programmer and even if your just remotely interested in Linux, I recommend Hands On System Programming with Linux by Kaiwan N Billimoria. It’s explanation of the Linux philosophy and how code is executed from application to kernel is the best I’ve read. 10/10 would recommend.

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Continuing the challenge with a quick anecdote about planning an interface for a model: jds.work/thoughts-on-interface

Wow this is one of the most interesting things I've read in a long time. medium.com/@alex.birsan/depend

Dependency Confusion as a vulnerability to repos that use NPM, RubyGems, & PyPI.

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Completed my site redesign finally, it's not perfect, but I like it. danpker.com

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There's a lesson here about not keeping all your eggs in one basket arstechnica.com/?p=1740488

~5000 Markdown files took Zola 3.32 seconds to build. This is just a simple 2 taxonomy setup (my normal blog setup).

Rewrite of my personal blog*.

I don’t work on Zola itself just to clarify. But maybe I should...

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Almost done with my rewrite. If no one has used Zola SSG (getzola.org) I’d encourage you to check it out. It’s written in Rust and uses Tera templates. It’s fast and easy to manage, even for dozens of markdown files. No JS at all by default.

I’m gonna bench mark it this next week with 1000+ randomized .md files to see what happens when there’s a lot of content.

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TabFS - your browser tabs as a mountable filesystem. omar.website/tabfs/
Can't think of a need for it yet but it looks like something I need to play around with. So much for getting actual work done.😁

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I'm pretty happy with all the background work that's been happening in getting my site to depend on fewer moving parts & external dependencies. Here's some more updates!: rusingh.com/articles/2021/02/0

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