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Day 17 of the 2021 Series:

After seeing several articles recently talking about exa, I decided to give it a whirl. Might be worth your time if you spend any at the command line, especially if you're a git user.


github.com/zRedShift/mimemagic is a project that recieved a DMCA take down notice due to this same licensing issue.

I think it's very strange to use the DMCA to enforce a GPL license, is it not?

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For anyone that uses Rails, github.com/minad/mimemagic/iss

As a result of this license change, mimemagic was yanked from RubyGems effectively making all builds of Rails later than 3 (?? I think) fail.

I forget how much I hate “white board” interviews and how much imposter syndrome creeps in whilst preparing for them.

Wait what’s a breadth first search again? Avoiding hash collisions is what exactly again? O of what now?

It certainly is not like riding a bike 😅.

Wow apparently i like really old software. Is use Emacs which is ~45 (1976) years old and XMonad which is ~14 (2007) years old.

What other really old software is out there that is still actively maintained and still incredibly useful?

I've been using the Toot CLI client for mastodon and it works perfectly. I just haven't figured out how to refresh while leaving the current session open but it's quick to restart.

Is there a reason to use open source nvidia drivers as opposed to proprietary ones aside from older card support? 🤔

_finally_ got my development environment setup on my new Arch install. I remembered why I love XMonad... I also remember why I get so frustrated with Haskell...

Post 3 in is a quick setup guide for install GCC Emacs, `native-comp` branch. It's incredibly fast. jds.work/trying-gcc-emacs/

Holy shit. Just compiled and ran the native-comp branch of Emacs and wow it's fast.

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Almost got it.
Okay that should work.
One more tweak.

Fuck how is it 3 am already?

It’s been about a year of Arch use (spare time not work) and I’m still learning to always “check the wiki” first. Say what you will about Arch users but the Arch Wiki is an incredible resource, for more than just arch based distros.

Ending Day 2 of insane blackouts and below freezing temperatures in north Texas. Thankfully our fireplace can keep my 3 month old and wife sufficiently warm for the night.

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Even if your not a programmer and even if your just remotely interested in Linux, I recommend Hands On System Programming with Linux by Kaiwan N Billimoria. It’s explanation of the Linux philosophy and how code is executed from application to kernel is the best I’ve read. 10/10 would recommend.

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Continuing the challenge with a quick anecdote about planning an interface for a model: jds.work/thoughts-on-interface

Wow this is one of the most interesting things I've read in a long time. medium.com/@alex.birsan/depend

Dependency Confusion as a vulnerability to repos that use NPM, RubyGems, & PyPI.

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