Fear not the virus.

Fear not the artificial intelligence.

Fear the mob.

In a panic, the mob will justify anything.

Reading comments from three years ago is like

" Oh, they don't know about covid."

Language is interesting.

A few decades back, calling someone colored instead of black was offensive. Now "People of Color" is the term du jour.

"Affordable Housing" implies that all other Housing is not affordable.

"Trump derangement syndrome" was invented by Scott Adams to explain the lefts view of T-word, but now the left use it to explain the rights cultish obsession with him.

I often underestimate the capacity for imagination of the average person.

But to imagine Biden inspired more votes then Obama, the Obama "Hope" campaign or even Hilary.

Well, I am humbled.

Lol, Quantum Hackers be like: "I keep cracking the password and putting it in, but it's different everytime !"

In Heaven:

God: Yeah, no....Vegan Anarchist was the right answer... Everyone else is in hell.

Vegan Anarchist: We'll fuck me.

God: ...we should probably talk about the language though .......

In Among Us;

Everyone asks, who is the imposter ?

No one asks, How is the Imposter.

When your country congratulates the president-elect but you disagree and it's super awkward on the astral plane.

According to Eric Weinstein there have been Four major discontinuities in the establishment narrative.
2000 Election
2001 Attacks
2003 Iraq
2019 Epstein/Pizza Gate

The fifth element is finally here.

For the love of goodness keep Milla Jovovich away from Bruce Willis.

What if all those crop circles were warnings;
O-0--l3~C "Monocultures are a bad idea."

oO0o-3--cC "Warning, Soil erosion is a serious issue."

)(O--O-3C-O(-) "Zip zorp wuz here."

I'm not peeing until T-Word Posts on twitter.

I am running out of pop-corn.

Situation dire.

Bury me in a box.
But do not put me in one and call it living.
Let me walk in the quiet places.
Let me fall asleep on the moss.
Dry, by a fire.
The pine tree is not racist , the squirrel does not check my privileged.
There is no president of the society of dandelions, or king of lichen.
The salmon and the deer take no census , nor do they expect rent.
The snow wears no makeup and doesn't care if I cut my face.
I fear my neighbors, the bear, the wolf, the cougar, but not mankind, not the blind.

Despite my bruised ego, based on the following , I think we will be ok guys.

yac - Acronim for Yet Another Account - pronounced "Yuck" as in Yuck, my only alternatives for cross platform identity management are Zuck or google Cuck.

Watching old videos of Obama as President, and recent videos of President T-word., is like watching a transmission from some alien dimension my immune system refuses to accept as real.

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