⚠️PSA⚠️ I am going to be livestreaming the @Solus 4.3 release process, from final validation to ISO cooking and blog release, this Sunday starting at 1400 GMT+3! Be sure to tune in at

@JoshStrobl You should give Owncast a try, and move to open source live streaming :)

@gabek Or I could not and just stream on the most popular streaming platform in the world, where my viewers are already following, and with tools easily accessible to me to improve engagement.

@JoshStrobl That’s unnecessarily harsh. Just trying to share since you are an open source person. No harm intended, my apologies.

@gabek Wasn't intended to be harsh. I am just more pragmatic than ideological. What works and gets me the most views is Twitch, so that's where I stream. I have enough on my plate that managing streaming infra as well isn't something I would want.

Heck, even streaming on Odysee is out of the question until they improve content / stream discovery.

@gabek I have entertained the idea of multistreaming as a middleground. Is this something Owncast supports?

@JoshStrobl @Solus ooh another developer I can attempt to get to rant so.much I literally delay a release.

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