I'm incredibly excited to be launching my Patreon and with your support, pursuing the goal of working on open source, desktop-focused software full-time!

@sphyphes Hopefully one day I can, just gotta reach that goal! Until then, I'll be working on it part-time and supplementing my income through other means 🙂

@JoshStrobl Are your apps going to be available as a Flatpak or Snap? I don't use Solus and I am not skilled enough to build from source. 😔

@Tay0 Last I checked it didn't quite have the same feature set as Patreon, such as tiers with specific rewards. Is that something they have nowadays?

@JoshStrobl Liberapay definitely doesn't have all the features like patreon. It's FOSS, community supported, not a for profit company with stockholders to placate. patreon has a track record of defunding and banning many folks for minor infractions and even politics. They also banned people for violating TOS on platforms other than their own. I have a lot of trouble with their corporate behavior and cannot support them.

@Tay0 Thanks for the response and insight on why you prefer Liberapay. It's something I'll look into again, though I still prefer Patreon for the reason that I can more easily provide supporters a better ROI like written development updates as well as access to early builds.

@JoshStrobl Agreed. I'm just trying to increase awareness of the FOSS option.

@JoshStrobl Hello, Popey. I hope you're enjoying your break from the Ubuntu podcast.

@JoshStrobl Sorry, don't know how I did that. Fat finger deluxe.

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