Local OpenSSL upgrade is a success!

✅ eopkg can fetch and install packages still
✅ Various network-oriented apps like Epiphany, Hexchat, irssi, Quassel, QBitTorrent, etc. tested (validated qt5 networking, glib-networking, etc.)
✅ Multiplayer games like teeworlds work

Going to be landing this stuff on Saturday into the unstable repo. libboost upgrade expected to go in next week by Global Maintainers too. Sync on June 26th or July 3th expected to be pretty nuts in general.

While I'm handling openssl upgrades, I'm also gonna be doing upgrades and rebuilds of libzip, mariadb, net-snmp, gwenhywfar, cfitsio, php, iOS support libs and programs like libimobiledevice, and more. Yay for multitasking.

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@JoshStrobl didn't know we had the lead of @SolusProject here! Awesome, very much enjoying the distro :)

@yarmo @SolusProject Yep! Moved here from the instance in April.

@JoshStrobl @SolusProject got it. A late welcome then! :)

Sidenote: this is not a call for help, has forums for this :)

But I found a piece of software not available in eopkg, I looked up documentation on maintaining packages ( if I recall correctly) and for some reason, I just can't wrap my head around the worflow... Hopefully I'll find some more entry-level resources soon :)

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