Latest ISO snapshots have been sent to Beta Tester and Crew tiers of the @Solus OpenCollective. Nothing especially fancy this week, mostly some updated packages, but if you wanna save on a bit of updates since Solus 4.3 you are welcome to nab them.

Good step by Audacity in clarifying their privacy policy and working to further anonymize data and reduce any unnecessary collection. As a reminder, Audacity networking functionality is disabled by default, so not a major deal for native Linux builds.

is the only OS listed under Beginner-friendly in the latest @LinusTech video that is not based on Ubuntu (or in fact, based on any other operating system).

Rest of the video is basically "how to do xyz under PopOS" which is eh, but hey, progress.

Side-note for new users, ReplaySorcery is in the Solus repo and is IMO a better alternative to Shadowplay. No needing to remember to launch OBS Studio, no custom compilation of separate software to act as a source, etc.

Nice interview of @JoshStrobl by @gamingonlinux about (and more) : « Nobody starts out as an expert and you will find the best way of learning is to just start doing. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't be afraid of failure. Do not pay any mind to the nay-sayers telling you to not to build your own application or game just because something else might already exist that does something similar. »

Just had to repot one of my Carolina Reapers (left) and both of my Habaneros (right). Starting to get some real growth on them!

Koto development stream starting in about 1 hour over on my Twitch.

Koto development stream going to start around 1300 UTC+3 today. Just got out of dentist appointment and need to chill a sec and grab some grub first.

Fault was detected in our local area literally while I was on the phone with them. They are investigating it at the moment.

Sorry folks, need to cancel stream for today. Dealing with constant network outages with Telia and need to get a hold of them.

Going to be starting today's Koto development stream at 1400 GMT+3 instead of the usual 1200. Feel free to follow and enable notifications on my Twitch to know when I go live.

Koto development session starting in about an hour. Going to be working on the audiobook UX alongside some indexing code changes.

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Solus 4.3, a new 4 “Fortitude” series release. This release delivers new desktop environment updates, software stacks, and hardware enablement

One hour until the 4.3 release livestream! Don't miss out on seeing some ISOs get cooked, blog post released, etc. on my Twitch.

Finally got around to making a Setup page and Streamlabs CloudBot command for it. *crosses item off his TODO from months ago*

⚠️PSA⚠️ I am going to be livestreaming the @Solus 4.3 release process, from final validation to ISO cooking and blog release, this Sunday starting at 1400 GMT+3! Be sure to tune in at

Now live for Koto development. Working on finishing up the initial audiobook UX design and starting its implementation.

Dev Diary 10: Koto June Progress Report is now out on my personal website! As always, if you are a Patron you can get access to my write-ups immediately.

Heads up: Koto development session will be starting at 1400 GMT+3 today instead of 1200. As usual, will be on my Twitch.

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