Budgie Control Center 1.1.0 :budgie: has now been released, thanks to the continued fantastic work by fossfreedom from the Buddies of Budgie and Ubuntu Budgie teams, as well as the tireless work by GNOME on the improvements we were able to backport! ❤️

Changelog: github.com/BuddiesOfBudgie/bud

Ah yes, thank you Vuokraovi. My favorite type of kitchen 😁

More lovely rain. Love being able to just open up the windows and have all that fresh air come in.

Dunno how I haven't heard of blobmaker.app before but came in handy last night for some design work. Makes for more fun design elements when used in conjunction with images (or by themselves).

That moment when Fedora's abrt claims a process quit "unexpectedly"...and it has not in fact crashed, rather it is still running perfectly fine.

My Koji scratch build for @BuddiesOfBudgie Budgie Desktop 10.6.2 against Fedora 37 was successful on all the architectures! Time to submit my latest changes for re-review!

Problematic architecture-specific build issues now fixed for Budgie Control Center, so I can move onto Budgie Desktop now!

By "when I pushed to Fedora Koji", I am referring to Budgie Control Center. But I will use these scratch builds as part of my own development process going forward.

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Not gotten around to Budgie Desktop Fedora package review updating yet, spent some time with some unexpected architecture-specific build issues when I pushed to Fedora Koji. Damnnnn you s390 / s390x.

Fortunately Fedora has Koji "scratch" builds so I can test before committing, which is really awesome.

Updating, submission, and review of my package updates for Budgie Control Center were done last night and this morning before work I requested the repo creation (F37 initially). After work I will be finishing up the Budgie Desktop review feedback (and updating it to 10.6.2).

It has been a hot minute but finally getting back around finishing up the packaging of Budgie Desktop (budgie-control-center and budgie-desktop being the last two items) for Fedora.

Soooo much faster with my i9-12900k too.

Budgie Desktop 10.6.2 is now out with bug fixes and code quality improvements! This release is our second minor release in the 10.6 series of our desktop environment and already the third release for Buddies of Budgie 🎉


Wife: Tells the Google Hub in our kitchen to play some music.

Google Hub proceeds to switch my active Spotify playback device, which is my laptop here at work, to the kitchen.

Real what the fuck moment 😄

So we heard you folks do not like bugs.

Yea, we don't either. Unless it is food for the birbs. So how about a Budgie 10.6.2 bug fix release sometime tomorrow?

Liking the more accessible Command Palette in the form of the Command Center, in Visual Studio Code 1.69. Used to doing Ctrl+P (which I have mapped to a dedicated key on a different layer of my keyboard) for accessing it but
I can see this being useful for those more used to point & click.

VOD from yesterday's Budgie Menu dev stream is up at youtube.com/watch?v=rr_BWJVgb7

I submitted the intro to SponsorBlock so if you use that extension (and you should), you can automagically skip and get right to the content.

New Budgie Menu coming in 10.7! 🎉🎉🎉

1. You will no longer need to use the User Indicator applet if you do not want to.
2. Ability to dynamically show / hide system setting entries
3. Ability to open your XDG Directories like Documents!
4. More reliable indexing and searching.

Going to start my @BuddiesOfBudgie stream in about 45 minutes. Will be working on the XDG Directory integration into the new overlay menu (has power options) in Budgie Menu.


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