Going live for more Koto development in about 1hr30min. More playlist page work now that we got the track listing working. twitch.tv/joshstrobl

The @Solus 40 Stack Upgrade: Day 4 (Finale) stream recording is now up on my Odysee channel! You can check it out at odysee.com/@JoshStrobl:3/GNOME

GNOME 40 is still set to land in the stable repo on April 30th. So far testing in unstable has been going well!

Going live for Koto development in about 45min. Will be continuing my work on playlist functionality and I'll even be using Visual Studio Code instead of GNOME Builder for the C development, as well as building and running Koto. twitch.tv/joshstrobl

0530. Finally done with the GNOME 40 stack upgrade push to unstable. Time for the long slumber. 😴

Going live in about 1hr for final day of GNOME 40 Stack upgrade, which involves me pushing it to unstable. It's like watching paint dry, except you are forced to sit there and continuously fan the air to dry the paint. If that is your thing, go to twitch.tv/joshstrobl

Day 23 of Koto development is now up on Odysee! In this session, I worked on more of the Koto Playlist Page functionality, tinkered with autoincrementing rows for the playlist tracks table, then got a bit overzealous with code cleanup and paid the price for it 🤦


Dev Diary 6: Koto April Progress Report (A-side) is now out on my Patreon for all my lovely Patrons! patreon.com/joshuastrobl

Will be out next Friday on my personal site.

Grabbing some food then will start streaming Koto development, probably in about 30-45min. Will be at twitch.tv/joshstrobl as usual.

⚠️PSA related to today's Koto development stream: Have an early morning dentist appointment and want to sleep more afterwards, so stream will not start at 12pm today. Will stream later and post before I go live today!

Day 22 of Koto development is now up on my Odysee channel! Started work on the playlist page and learning about GtkListView + various models.


Day 22 of Koto development starting in 1h30min. Going to be working on more playlist functionality, primarily around a new dedicated playlist view. Be sure to follow my Twitch and enable notifications so you know when I go live!


Expecting to start landing the GNOME 40 stack upgrade into the @Solus unstable repository on Saturday! Assuming all goes to plan, should be in the stable repo on April 30th per our usual sync deferring during these sorts of upgrades!

Day 21 of Koto development is now up on Odysee! On Day 21, I worked on the Create Playlist dialog, event signalling for our KotoCartographer, and leveraged that new signalling in our Playlist navigation section!


With the hair dye stream over, here is the end result! I think the wife did a fantastic job. Thanks everyone that tuned in, chatted, and heckled me. Apparently I'm a mix of the Pepsi logo and the flag of Gambia 😆

Full stream will be up on Odysee soon!

Reminder: Hair dyeing stream starting in about 1hr30min! No idea how long the stream will be, so best be on time and be sure to tune in to twitch.tv/joshstrobl


Hair dyeing stream will be happening tomorrow (Friday) at 1600 GMT+3 at twitch.tv/joshstrobl. Going with red, blue, and green on top of the hair. Assuming all goes to plan, will keep white on the sides so the top sticks out more.

Damn you Twitch chat for reaching the goal!

Dev Diary 5: Koto March Progress Report (B-side), which was released last Tuesday on my Patreon, is now out on my personal site! Be sure to check it out if you're interested in the progress made on Koto, my GTK4 audio manager, for the 2nd half of March.


Day 21 of Koto development starting in about 1hr30min on Twitch. Got my hair bleached yesterday in prep for the hair dyeing stream tomorrow so come have a laugh at my expense 😛 Will otherwise be working on playlist creation functionality.


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