Going to watch the new Dragon Ball Movie so of course I have my goku T-shirt on

Today #GNOME turns 25! We're so excited to share this milestone with all of you, thank you to our wonderful community of contributors and supporters for helping us get here!

Take a look at our anniversary website for some photos, history, and fun facts! happybirthdaygnome.org/

#opensource #GNOMEParty

OK! It's time to update to Thunderbird 102! 👏 🥳

Windows + macOS users: we've enabled manual upgrades from v91 to v102.

Go to ≡ > HELP > ABOUT THUNDERBIRD, and then click the update button! (There may be an interim update to 91.12.0 before you can upgrade to 102)

For our Linux users, we recommend politely asking your favorite distribution when Thunderbird 102 will become available in their software repositories.

Me: "The Steam Deck will be amazing to clear my games backlog"

My backlog: "I've never been bigger"

My wallet: "Nick stop"

FYI: I'll be away two days next week, my first actual real holiday in many many many years. So no articles or videos from me on Wed-Thurs.

@gamingonlinux unfortunately we live in a capitalist society so yea we kinda have to promote and hopefully make money at what we do, people. Preferably the stuff we enjoy doing. This whole starving artist is the only artist bullshit gets old.

Since this really irked me...

Never be afraid to earn a living from what you love doing. This *is* my full-time job, has been for years.

If you complain at me for not moving to X or Y platform, then claim I'm some kind of "corporate shill" or "money-making outlet"...the door is the unfollow button and I'll be muting you forever.

Humour gras 

Bon y'en a qui diront que j'ai l'esprit mal placé, n'empêche queue...

Ça ne me semble pas utile, à deux exceptions près:

- si tu échanges des fichiers avec des gens sous Windows (pour éviter d'être porteur sain)
- si tu exécute des applications Windows (via Wine par exemple)

Et dans le second cas, on peut se protéger des applications Windows en les faisant tourner dans une sandbox (par exemple firejail) afin qu'elles ne puissent pas toucher à ton /home

Pour le jeu #Stray sous Linux, pensez à bien mettre à jour dxvk : la version 1.10.3 qui vient de sortir a un patch pour améliorer les performances de Stray 😉

Pensez à mettre à jour winetricks de temps en temps:
sudo winetricks --self-update

Puis mettez à jour dxvk :
winetricks -f dxvk

:: Lutris Cover Art Downloader

Now this one might sell itself, solving a long time issue people had with Lutris: game artworks do not appear!

Leaves the games view rather dull that way, many can't be bothered to tinker with it.

Message from the developer: "I did this on my spare time. Anyone with a better understanding of Python & code management is free to create pull requests!"

Maybe later merged to Lutris?

=> github.com/Deytron/lutris-art-

#Lutris #artwork #gaming #games #developers @strider@mastodon.rocks

Mozilla Firefox 103.0.1 active l’accélération matérielle sur les cartes AMD les plus récentes et corrige un plantage à la fermeture ; notes de version mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/103.

I think it's time for a reality check.

*checks reality*

Jeezus, would not recommend.

Firefox Sync in Thunderbird is being designed to synchronize:

☑️ Most Thunderbird settings and preferences
☑️ Email accounts
☑️ Email filters
☑️ Add-ons
☑️ Signatures
☑️ Chat accounts

We are looking forward to sharing more info about this soon!

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