If you do livestreaming on PeerTube, DM me if you want to advertise a stream!

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I was looking into possibly doing that. If I get going and get to the point where I feel like I have something worth advertising, I'll make a point of reaching out.

Cool of you to do this. Kudos


What do you recommend as the best way to interact live with people watching the stream? I find comments on the video don't notify me until much later (I tend to get the email first) unless I'm reloading the page, which seems less than ideal.


One of the first people to stream on PT has been @ChrisWere who uses a permanent XMPP/Jabber chat room advertised in the stream. I think he had it embedded in the video at some point too?

There is always a delay, but if you set stream resolution low enough the delay is relatively small I think.

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