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If anyone is up for a small for the weekend I have something for you. You just have to find it at

It is entirely possible that I broke something along the way, so please ask for hints if you are not getting anywhere. If there is some interaction I will probably publish a solution around 2020-11-29T18:00Z

Sometimes I'm not sure what is worse: People thinking that "Mastodon" is, or people thinking "The Fediverse" is Mastodon.

People thinking "The Fediverse" is

set up a misskey instance on a small VPS, yesterday evening

I am impressed how well it is running. I can currently only recommend it, it has some very nice features.

And of course set up a pledge to the main dev of misskey because its an amazing piece of software and he needs it more than e.g. Gargron

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Local and federated timelines are core and essential features and Mastodon would be worse without them.

So, how to best configure a command line program. Assuming that if there is no special configuration present, there are sensible defaults.

I dont use , but let me guess, you could probably make some crontab-ed shell script that uses that to simulate the effect of postfix's local(8) mail delivery program? (i.e. feeding a mbox style file to another program)

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Wondering about intermittent DNS problems and nothing showing up in the log. Finally figured out that the listen IPv6 on the server had a typo in it. Since the IPv4 was correct it worked somehow. :blobfoxfacepalm: it's truly a marvel how I keep going

Set up some shell script uptime monitoring yesterday. Anything else I should be monitoring?

If you are running the Gemini server, I made a mistake in the way paths are understood, leading to a path traversal error. Please update!

Oof. Some time ago I talked about not zeroing key material when shutting down. I thought I could maybe bolt it on with a Zeroizing around the key data. But that does not work since the key data has to implement it. Then looked if it was feasible to implement it on the next level down , there is an open issue for it. But when trying that would also not work because the underlying crate (ring) again does also not implement it. And I am surely not in a position to check all of rustls.

@kepstin Was there ever a time when more than 2 people played on the Minecraft server at the same time?

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Note that if you find the updated tab bar/toolbar to be too tall after upgrading to Firefox 89, you have to enable `` to get the "Compact" UI option to appear.

(Also consider enabling Firefox's telemetry if you have it turned off - they use that data for making UI decisions, and if its disabled, your choices won't be represented.)

So in Clarke's version of 2001 the ending reveals that the styling of the "hotel room" that the main protagonist ends up in is derived from television broadcasts at the time he left earth. I have to say that the guy got really lucky they by chance picked up a random American broadcast. Imagine they got some anime and designed the room based on that instead.

made an abuse report for azure

your report was received @ 8:04
case closed @ 8:05

Next time just tell me that this kind of report will not receive any action.

New version 3.0.3 of released, fixing a DoS attack vector due to bad error handling. Also multiple people worked on adding Docker tooling but I have to say I have no idea of how Docker works. 🙈

Available on, GitHub and mirrored on my {web,gemini}site at

🤔 what point is in a "secure email gateway" that en-/decrypts email using S/MIME on the server?

if the sender and recipient have such a system set up, what if any would be the difference between just having TLS encryption?

it seems a bit pointless to me, just security theatre

Wrote up some of my more technical thoughts about , mostly the API.
It *is* based on what my server currently does so take that with a grain of salt.

cc @mdhughes

You just have to love this kind hyphenation:
secured area

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