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If anyone is up for a small for the weekend I have something for you. You just have to find it at

It is entirely possible that I broke something along the way, so please ask for hints if you are not getting anywhere. If there is some interaction I will probably publish a solution around 2020-11-29T18:00Z

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EU + encryption + privacy 

28 people already signed a petition at the European Parliament against the adoption of an EU Council's resolution to weaken encrypted communications. This is the Council's proposal:

Residents in EU member states are invited to support the petition here:


Caught your attention? Read this too:

I think I'll add support for multiple certificates based on SNI next, but that will inevitably mean a breaking change to the current command line flags because of the --cert and --key flags. Not sure if that is a good idea because it makes the server more complicated.

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Finally got around to adding automated tests to in v2.5.3. Brings me some piece of mind when I'm working on it and not always quite sure what I'm doing. πŸ˜…

erm, Firefox, what is this? (hint: I am not talking about Twitter)

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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Incredible: Microsoft decides which e-mail Members of the European Parliament get to read in their inbox. It's called Outlook spam filter and cannot be disabled.

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Just moved all my passwords out of and into 2. I am still using their 2FA Android app. Any recommendations apart from something like Google authenticator?

What would be the absolute dead simplest software for a complete idiot of sysadmin like me to set up (single user use case probably)? I'm not sure Pleroma or Mastodon are that software.

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a non-normative (purely informative) specification for CNI is now in the draft stage and is open for comments

In version 2.5.0 of quite a lot has changed. For example virtual hosts for multiple domains and "*"-globs in configuration files have been added.
You can check out what changed on the release page or in the changelog file (also new to try to reduce dependence on GitHub).
release page: <>
changelog outside of GitHub: <>

Design question: the Agate server currently uses a sidecar file that only allows to set configuration for files in the same directory, for individual files. This is so it doesn't have to check directories recursively, see Apache performance problems.
On the other hand I want Agate to stay a "very simple Gemini server" and a central configuration file feels contrary to that, especially if it would allow to set info for whole directories. But that is also quite useful.

Any ideas?

Hi @derek ,
saw your video about today. Wanted to comment on what you said about Agate:
* The error with the IPv6 address in the README has been fixed.
* You could probably have saved 9 minutes by downloading one of the prebuilt binaries from (if not, which platform is missing?)
* To make it even easier to use Agate, some files for use with systemd have been added. Any feedback on those would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for featuring Agate!

Can we make "But does it run a Gemini server" the new "But does it run Doom?" please?

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There is a new version of (v2.4.0) with quite a few improvements. Check out for more info.

As this is my first time releasing a crate, please let me know if I broke something. 😨

Are there some people here that have released to ? If so what is your release process, do you use any tools?
Especially interested in cross compilation stuff.

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Today is , a gentle reminder that if you (have to) use this policy, it's trash. Users will tend to make serial passwords like password1, password2 etc. which is overall less secure than an actually strong password used over a (very) long time.

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European Citizens' Initiative Freedom to share 

After we got the new copyright regulation, here is a try in the opposite direction:

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