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If anyone is up for a small for the weekend I have something for you. You just have to find it at

It is entirely possible that I broke something along the way, so please ask for hints if you are not getting anywhere. If there is some interaction I will probably publish a solution around 2020-11-29T18:00Z

A game server that has different maps or "worlds" on the same server. A chat message that is sent by a user logged in to one map is seen in ...

Do you know what I find funny? Companies that have a "Privacy Shield Certified" logo in their product presentation.

If you dont know, it was declared invalid on 2020-07-16.

πŸ€” what point is in a "secure email gateway" that en-/decrypts email using S/MIME on the server?

if the sender and recipient have such a system set up, what if any would be the difference between just having TLS encryption?

it seems a bit pointless to me, just security theatre

Wrote up some of my more technical thoughts about , mostly the API.
It *is* based on what my server currently does so take that with a grain of salt.

cc @mdhughes

@kepstin how hard is the requirement that babel routing needs one wireguard interface per peer? Is there any way to work around that e.g. by using different link local addresses on the same interface?

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I looked a bit more closely at innernet that @djsundog mentioned and if/how it can be applied to . There is a new wiki entry.

*looks at recent audacity developments*

So who is responsible for this tracking idea, Muse Group or tantacrul or both?

You just have to love this kind hyphenation:
secured area

the Unlicense'd source code is at if anyone is interested

since it's probably a steaming pile of trash given my C coding skills, take it or leave it

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@thor interestingly, the unique lines of source code method shows that almost half of the lines I wrote are not unique: 2341 lines in source code files in total, 1454 of them unique.

I think this shows that this method really is much better than just counting the number of lines.

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writing a C client for turns out is a *bit* difficult because of web and parsing the custom map format
And to say that the thing is barely functional, you can move around the static map but the state is not synced with the server or other players yet.

Subtracting pointers from another is not undefined behaviour in C, right? Because I have ended up doing it a few times in processing strings (that may not be null terminated; why do to do this to me libcurlβ€½)

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European Citizens' Initiative Freedom to share 

After we got the new copyright regulation, here is a try in the opposite direction:

btw @djsundog you have something strange going on for the 12th subnet. When I tried to ping I got a response from that I did not get for any of the other unrouted subnets

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I hope I already said that I love the DOT language (not necessarily the department of transport) and graphviz, which is free software under the Eclipse Public License :blobcathearteyes:
Look what I found:

I think I see a pattern for who is adopting IPv6 :blobcatcomfysmirk:

I think we can agree that a maximum password length of 4 would definitely be unreasonable. But the question is, what would you think is reasonable as a maximum? Not necessarily how long your passwords are, but how long ANY password should EVER be.

Asking for my C string buffer length.

@djsundog can I ask for some nfs mounting help from sundogistan? Trying to mount your tubepub thingy but doesnt work for me. This far I did

mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=3 sundog-win2k16.sundogistan:/tubepub /mnt/sundog/

but when I try `ls /mnt/sundog/` I get a permission denied error

@mdhughes is there a way to point your VR Micro client to another server?

Getting back into PHP a bit was a nice change for a bit.

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