OK all 4 of us from Late Night Linux are here now. You should follow @degville, @felimwhiteley, and @8none1.

@JoeRess @degville @felimwhiteley @8none1 At the risk of teaching some or all of you how to suck eggs: it's customary to toot with the hashtag a bit about you, your interests, and whether KDE is the one true path or if it's just better than all the other desktops. Adding Featured Hashtags in your profile settings also help with discovery, since there are no algorithms at work.

Alongside the local Fosstodon timeline, you can also "pin" hashtags that interest you, which gives you a kind of subscription channel to find conversations that you might want to join.

@JoeRess @degville @felimwhiteley @8none1 Followed as soon as I heard this come up on the Wheel of Meh! Welcome!

@Ateriath @JoeRess @degville @felimwhiteley @8none1
Are you lot (did I say that right? Is that the Brit version of “y’all”?) just going to be reviewing this instance, or Mastodon in general? Apps? I like Tootle for iOS. The native iOS app isn’t great, IMO. No local feed.

@Ateriath @degville @felimwhiteley @8none1 I think a bit of everything really. I've only really used Tusky and it seems to do the job.

@JoeRess @Ateriath @degville @felimwhiteley @8none1 To be honest I've come and gone to your Telegram group. It's too much action for me to keep track of. I definitely like the slower pace of this technology. Welcome aboard! I'm curious if some of your listener group will be joining as well.

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