The Late Night Linux gents (@JoeRess @8none1 @felimwhiteley & @degville) have published their thoughts on (and Mastodon in general). I personally thought a lot of what they said was fair. I particularly liked Joe’s point around the fact there’s no algorithm at work here. We’re not trying to keep people online.

I also liked the G+ analogy; again, I agree. What do you folks think?

What's the difference between a series of bad decisions and living?

For the record this is an example of the sort of stupid joke I'd usually make on Twitter and I mean no harm by it. So far I've had a broadly positive experience but everyone seems to take it a little bit too seriously for my tastes. I imagine one or two people will ignore this and get angry. Maybe not though. 🤷‍♂️

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When you have to edit two guests who have a Yeti this week without complaining.

OK all 4 of us from Late Night Linux are here now. You should follow @degville, @felimwhiteley, and @8none1.

Everyone should follow @8none1 (Will from Late Night Linux)

The best thing so far about Mastodon is not having to delete the tracking bullshit on the end of links it gives me to copy and paste elsewhere.

Best decade for music?

Check out my twitter thread where I give advice about audio gear. Or don't. Up to you. There won't be an exam. 🤷‍♂️


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