couldn't be a runner, play vid games, and have a romantic partner... guess which two I picked lol

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Making a MSOffice error go away by restarting explorer.exe isnt solving the problem. Switching to a better product is.

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Is PeppermintOS still active? I remember hearing they lost their main developer and they haven't had a release since Dec 2019.

flashing ddwrt on my ancient router. this might be curtains for the noble device

my heart swells with love for my friends when they tell me they are with their children

I don't need a girlfriend, I already have Geany and Kate!

Raise your hand if you can't wait to repair computers tomorrow!


battle station upgraded thanks to and some craft brew

@ubports thinking of flashing Ubu touch on my pixel 4a (5G). has anyone tried it on the 5G version of the device?

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Calling all beta testers!

Over 200 bug-fixes later, Inkscape 1.1beta has launched and is ready for you to test away!

Your help will improve the final 1.1 version that will launch later this Spring.

Download it here:

#inkscape #ArtWithOpenSource #betatesting

dependencies not satisfiable


all I wanted was to satisfy

update: I am capable of this and succeed, but I'm trying now for the init change

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fav new thing:
arch-chroot from live media to add dhcpcd that i forgot to install...

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