@bumbervevo I always use it in airplane mode. Wifi isnt really needed for anything.

@sir Personally, no. For tech subjects I prefer digital copies where I can search and navigate quickly.

@hund tab tab tab tab tab BROWSER
tab tab tab tab PUTTY

Where's that calculator again?

Tab tab tab tab tab tab tab

@sir Very helpful, thanks. I like the idea with ddevlang as well. I've studied Japanese (along with history, civics, etc.) a few months full time at uni but didn't get very far, so might be time to pick it up again.
As you say, time is the problem, and it's too easy to drop the darn Anki habit...

@sir Hey! Getting 500s when trying to purchase "The Wayland Protocol" draft.

@sir I very much enjoy reading your status updates and don't see how they would become annoying. Keep at it!


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