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Great analogy by William Shotts ("The Command Line").

P.S. I keep reading this wonderful book:

Anyone else using piHole (or similar domain-based dns blocker) on your network and finding lots of smartphone apps refuse to work?

Who’s out there doing developing node server web apps and what kind of workstations are you using?

Ok, I’ve changed my mind. Now that I’m working in so many remote desktops I don’t care how creepy attention detection might seem, I’m tired of clacking away on my keyboard and discovering that the wrong desktop is still in focus. How many cameras do I need to put on my desk to stop this?

I’m in one of these “LEARN ALL THE THINGS” moods where it’s hard to make concrete progress on anything I actually expect to finish.

Ok, so I’m a little sad to be sullying my emacs with its binary install, but TabNine autocomplete is blowing my mind.

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rustc: error: mismatched types
Me: *ten minutes of tweaking and adjusting*
rustc: error: mismatched types

Been working on a tiny portable computer setup for working in Emacs. Looking forward to a new part arriving soon.


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