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@celia Have a look at the Samsung A52 or A72. Samsung's customisation is much less aggressive these days, me and my whole family have been using Samsung phones for the last 3 years and have all been very happy with them. The new A models also have water resistance.

Regarding updates Samsung has recently changed its policy to 3 years of major updates.

@hjertnes @celia Just had a quick browse through the docs @celia linked and it looks like having it in laravel allows you to do things like rate limit per-user and things, something that would be more difficult in a reverse proxy which wouldn't know much about the user session

@mike If you can wait a little bit System76 is building a keyboard that they will release soon:

It looks like it's going to be pretty interesting, with lots of customising available.

@jle @en @de welcome! I've been following your blog for quite a while now, and really like it. 🙂

@pitlane Haha! Ferrari is looking much healthier then last year at least! 🙂

formula 1 

Woo! F1 Quali's were super exciting this morning! Red Bull looks like they might have a seriously strong start to the year, although Checo getting knocked out was a bit sad.

Further down, Alpha Tauri is coming out of the gate looking seriously strong!

I've also been enjoying Jake Archibald ranking the F1 websites by speed:

Can't wait for the race tomorrow! Much excitement! 😀

mh +/- 

@srxavi oh, that's rough. Here in Australia my wife got it already (midwife, so high priority) but I won't be able to for months at least. I'm lucky that I'm not too high risk, though.

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@polychrome clearly the solution is bigger bumpers. and magnets, always magnets.

@laura just got a chance to watch this, super interesting, really enjoyed it.

Just found an awesome tool!

It let's you add some dynamic bits to a page with simple and clear directives. Combines with a Python backend beautifully! What you return to the requests is just HTML chunks, that get swapped into your page.

@jason @celia
I use 1password also. I will just say you should be careful with backing up OTP codes, because if they OTP code key ends up out there you lose all the extra OTP security. 😉 So yes, use a security-focussed tool like 1password or bitwarden.

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I'm happily using your official docker image. 👍

@boringcactus this is actually a super interesting look at software licenses... I have always been a big proponent of GPL-style licenses, but have not heard this perspective on them before.

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