Today I created a script to backup configs from Cisco switches over the network, and dump the to a local file. It's a bit tricky because of the whole "you have to SSH then enable etc..." but it works nicely in the end.

All documented here for reference:

Nice, and if you are doing it for the fun of it or for learnig,... it is fantastic. But if you just did it because you needed something to backup your switches configurations, I'd suggest to have a look at rancid or oxidized. Both do the same and support different brands of hardware, do bacckups on a schedule, integrate with git or svn so you can track or detect changes,... I have used oxidized and I am quite happy with it, even when I am not a big fan of ruby. Both are open source.

@mmezo Awesome links, I had no idea those tools existed.

I'm backing up a single switch on my home network, but for anything more complex those tools look great.

I have updated my blog post with links to those two tools! 👌

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