Thanks to everyone for suggestions! It seems like Recoll does the job fantastically! I'm indexing my wife's library right now :)
One thing I had to do is change the Editor configuration to use Okular instead of evince, but it wasn't too hard.


Mac can suck it :D

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We have recently made updates to the benefits that organizational Patrons receive, including additional donation tiers and more benefits. See all the tiers and current benefits at: #FSFPatrons

Nerd Dictation: Simple Dictation Software for Linux

I saw how #Kdenlive utilized VOSK to generate subtitles and found this software that works wonderfully on my Desktop.

Nerd Dictation is an open source, cross-platform voice dictation engine. It has been designed to provide users with a reliable, accurate and powerful alternative to the proprietary speech engines.

Playing with - it's actually easier to learn than I expected.

However, it doesn't have macros, forcing duplication in some common shapes.

2 hours later...

I turned OpenSCAD code into a crude LISP, with macros included. Under 100 lines of Python.

The network filesystem is restored and Gitea is back up without data loss.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We might have found an unrelated issue with our CI (closed beta), but we'll focus on monitoring the production network.

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Do you support #GiveUpGithub?

You may consider contributing to #Codeberg User Manual to help foster the adoption of one of the best GitHub alternatives and replacements.

Codeberg is a Germany-based service based upon free software #Gitea and, unlike GitHub, publicly involves their users in the development.

Please boost if you agree.

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Dear all, if you had problems signing up to and do not receive activation emails: we received logs that Cloudmark CSI blocks codeberg MX (possibly because recent publicity via @conservancy led to a spike in new user activations detected as anomaly?)
To bypass, please remove
Cloudmark CSI from RBL lists from your SMTP server config.

(FWIW we have seen this repeatedly in the past and our MX has been repeatedly blocked and unblocked for this particular player in the past.)

#monocles chat v1.5.4 is available on #codeberg !
Please update from v1.5.3 and let us know what you think about the improvements:
* blue date bubble
* show history of edited messages
* auto resend failed messages
* increased avatar size
* Bugfixes
* upgraded libs and dependencies

You can download it on

The wait is over: #Akademy2022 schedule is now live! You can find out about all the programmed talks here:

Have you ever considered the work that goes into sending an email to The FSF tech team makes sure millions of emails get delivered each year, and has taken the time to explain the road your email travels in freedom.

Read the inspiring story of how Eyüpsultan, Turkey switched to free software, gained independence from proprietary software, and saved money ($$$) in the process! If they did it in their city, your city can do it too! | Read more at:

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