MX-FLuxbox users: a new package has been released called mxfb-goodies.

Check out the video and Blog:

Assigning your copyright to the Free Software Foundation helps us defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Zahra Sharbaf #Gnuastro for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU

Nix package manager landed in the FreeBSD ports! The package should be available shortly on the "latest" branch.

#Nix #Nixos #Freebsd

Open Usage Commons: Google’s Initiative to Manage Trademark for Open Source Projects Runs into Controversy

The monthly activity report for August is up. This time: Lots of stability fixes and the beginnings of an ARM64 port (!).

🚀 Haiku development activity has continued over the past two months–and with developers now home more often, is set to increase.

Fixing “The following packages have been kept back” Error While Updating Ubuntu and Debian-based Linux Distributions

#troubleshooting #linux #solution #ubuntu #debian

LibreOffice is about more than just a free office suite. It's about empowering communities around the world with productivity tools, in every location and language possible. Learn how Jwtiyar Ali is localising LibreOffice into Kurdish, for example:

Made another release. Some bug fixes:
the upload process now doesn't let you upload the same post 16 times by clicking the button a bunch of times 😉

buttons are visible in dark mode as well as light mode

camera works in the rtl layout!

Bio in the profile now has HTML interpreted instead of shown raw.

Some other notes: more strings are now translatable, and you can double-tap to like a post! (of course the API to like a post is still a bit broken, but that's not something we can fix)

is a freely licensed implementation.

tcplay is a command line utility that can mount, create, and manage TrueCrypt and volumes. Volumes are fully encrypted disks (or mapped files) that are mounted as regular disks and decrypted on the fly. Volumes can contain hidden volumes for plausible deniability and can use a wide range of cryptographic functions.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: tcplay

is an improved fork of .

Marble Marcher is a where you guide a marble to a goal as fast as possible. Each level is a 3D that is extremely detailed, being rendered by a ray marching algorithm that can render infinite structures in real time. Community Edition adds several features like new visual effects, a level editor, and a screenshot button.

Website 🔗️:

🐧 Some news about :
📰️ Smokin'Guns Return
🐘 An info from (Smokin'Guns):

📕 Summary: A libre FPS game on a Spaghetti Western theme, where players compete with pistol, rifle or dynamite
🏠 HomePage:
🔧 Dev:
📖 Our entry: lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily
🎬 Video:
🔖 #Linux #freeGame

Linux home directory management is about to undergo major change

With systemd 245 comes systemd-homed. Along with that, Linux admins will have to change the way they manage users and users' home directories.

Linux home directory management is about to undergo major change - TechRepublic


SuperTuxKart on the fediverse :blobaww:

You are invited to play Super tux kart online this saturday at 8pm UTC with me and @beegrrl !

We'll also use mumble to have voice chat.
Contact us to play!

#supertuxkart #stk #videogame #opensource #floss

Tired of seeing jagged edges on your buildings? A24 will include at last, new graphic option called FXAA, that will definitely get rid of what one of our users tenderly called "The Sawtooth effect". We're working on more filters, so stay tuned :) #gamedev #shader #indiegame

Go check out the review
did on our development version! Like them you can use the Snap, the Ubuntu PPA, or compile from source.
#indie #gamedev #free #FOSS

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