A friend of mine is looking to try out linux for the first time, and suggestions for what distro/DE they should try?
They've only used windows before, but they should be able to get used to something different, so it doesn't need to provide exactly the same experience as windows.

@JamesMcK I've seen several people successfully convert from windows and they've all been using Linux Mint as their first distro. It's a very nice desktop experience.

@fedops Yeah, from what I know about it Mint seems like a good first recommendation. Thanks!

@KaasKop hahaha I'm sure that'd be entertaining to watch at least, although I don't think it would go that well

@fuomag9 While I really like arch myself (was using endeavor for a good bit, now just vanilla arch), I still don't feel like it's a good choice for a beginner unfortunately

@JamesMcK that's why I suggested both arch and popos (depending on how the beginner is prone to learning/etc)

@JamesMcK For desktop environment, I would say Plasma Desktop have the most user familiarity for them coming from Windows.

@LinuxLegend Plasma seems like a good choice, yeah (helps that I'm already familiar with it myself)

@JamesMcK Linux Mint feels like one of few actual realistic choices.

People seems to be recommending all kinds of weird alternatives like Arch, Fedora, PopOS and so on. They're everything but beginner friendly.

@JamesMcK When I see this question come up, I often suggest Ubuntu reason is because it can be made to easily look like Windows (or MacOS, etc.). My 2nd choice for folks is Xubuntu, and 3rd choice is Fedora with KDE. But as others have stated there many "first time/starter distros" out there. I hope this helps!

@mxu I hadn't even considered Ubuntu Mate before, thanks! I suspect they'll probably end up leaning towards something like Fedora with KDE, but I'll have to see.

@JamesMcK It's very hard to go wrong with Ubuntu. Mint is a good choice, but harder to keep up to date. Avoid Gentoo, Arch, CentOS, Fedora etc, not really for beginners.

@kauer I'm well aware that they should be avoiding anything like gentoo, but what's wrong with fedora? I've never properly tried it out myself, so I don't know what issues it has

@JamesMcK too idiosyncratic. It's not bad, but it's not for beginners. IMHO

@kauer @JamesMcK I totally disagree. Fedora can be VERY beginner friendly. It has industry leading defaults, simple UI and app names (due to gnome) and you don’t have to touch the cli if you don’t want to (because of the software store). Sure, not all of these features are fedora specific… But fedora packages it together really well (and looks nice too… They might jump back to windows if the UI doesn’t look modern)

@JamesMcK the one you know best, since you'll be his support provider for a while :D

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