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@kev I deleted my FB last Spring. Never looked back. I don't even miss it a little. It's been lifechanging for me to get away from FB and EVERYONE on it. Hard to say that about so many old friends, but I gave them other options to keep in touch. Out of 500+ people only a handful even bothered. So that what FB really is for all of us, a lot of fake friends who will voice their 2 cents on anything in your life, but not care even 1 bit about you.

Does anyone have a good guide for self hosting a Nextcloud server?

What are some great websites that talk about news relating to FOSS? I wanna find some.

Hello all! Hope everyone is having a great Christmas! I currently have an iPhone which is obviously not FOSS (ain’t even open source). I’ve heard a lot about LineageOS, but don’t want to make the switch without much prior knowledge.

1) How hard is it to put LineageOS on a phone?
2) If you use it, how do you like LineageOS and what are some things I should know?
3) What are some fairly cheap phones (Most I’m willing to go is $400) that are great to try LineageOS on?

Thank you!

Hello everyone! I’m a high school student and just joined mastodon! I recently developed a great interest in decentralization, FOSS, and internet privacy.

I think they are all very important (especially with today’s internet) and mastodon hits those categories!

I am extremely excited to join this community!


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