What are some email providers that you guys would recommend? I’m currently using Posteo, but want to know all of my options.

I have tried ProtonMail, but the prices are just too high for me.

@JacobNeplokh Suits my needs perfectly but you must use their app or web page which is a deal killer for some.

I'm still hesitating between ProtonMail and Tutanota myself.

@normandc I see. I’m not going with ProtonMail because of price mainly.

@JacobNeplokh both ProtonMail and Tutanota offer free accounts. PM has 500MB of storage, Tutanota 1GB.

@normandc I know, but for both I’d probably be going for a higher tier. Either way, it seems Tutanota is better than PM. But I’m still deciding with a couple of others.

@JacobNeplokh I’ve been using Fastmail for a year or so now, and am very happy.

@JacobNeplokh I believe they are. Not sure why that is an issue though.

@kev Isn’t Australia based in the five eyes and passed that law recently?

@JacobNeplokh @kev I'm guessing you're thinking of that law that forces tech companies on Australia's soil to include a backdoor in their programs.

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