Hello everyone! I’m a high school student and just joined mastodon! I recently developed a great interest in decentralization, FOSS, and internet privacy.

I think they are all very important (especially with today’s internet) and mastodon hits those categories!

I am extremely excited to join this community!

@JacobNeplokh welcome.... u are asking the right questions .... you will find better useful answers as a result welcome and stay safe

@JacobNeplokh ... Not meant to be ... but if you are interested in all those things at your age...and you work to solve some of those issues.. then you will likely help the entire eco system... Peace out :) ... and dont talk to strangers :P

@ogmaconnect I know it wasn’t :) Thank you very much! I hope I can make a difference sometime in my life with those issues.

Oh yeah forgot I’m not supposed to talk to strangers whoops

@JacobNeplokh i have no clue why, but i read your toot in my head with Stewie's voice.

Damn you child genius! Also welcome to mastodon

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