The abundance of information in the digital world should not be deemed, in itself, a problem. But the responses to the “fake news” phenomenon—if they’re unable to adhere to proper human rights standards—could be.

Just tried out wireguard for the first time. It’s beautiful.

Say hello to Plasma 5.15, the newest version of KDE's acclaimed desktop environment.

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Freedom respecting software is about the right to run, study, change, and redistribute software. I feel that the Open Source community is focused on the first point, the right to run, but the others are IMO more important. The right to study gives humanity the ability to learn and grow together. The right to change allows users to customize software to their needs. The right to redistribute allows you to share the cool new stuff you build with your friends.

I’m still thinking about how that was the worst super bowl ever

Adobe cloud: $600 a year.

Inkscape + GIMP + Figma: $0 a year.

Probably late to the party, but the phone this couple-months-old article discusses will soon have devkits available. It is rumored the kits could be around $150! Always good to have competition.

PinePhone: Pine64 Is Making An Affordable Linux Smartphone Running KDE Plasma

Just realized Invidious ( has a download feature for videos!

In case you don’t know what it is, it is a website to watch YouTube (even with subscribing to channels) without going through Google.

@kylerankin When you see cheap electronics, realize that often the hardware cost is subsidized by spyware agreements and selling user data.

Holy shit, Facebook is paying teenagers to install a root certificate on their phones so they can snoop on all of their internet traffic

Not a joke, this is actually a thing which is happening right now

Fake news is a byproduct of people not taking the time to read a full story and not thinking about the legitimacy of what they read and hear. Headlines are used as a tool to manipulate people.

When you couldn’t see the eclipse because of rain and a bunch of clouds.

Is your network unusually slow? Are websites blocked?

Install OONI Probe to find out if there's censorship or other anomalies on your network. It just got a major UX revamp, so it's easier to use than ever:


Coming soon to F-Droid.

That feeling when you follow someone for their great top post, and their post frequency drowns your entire feed with their self-important bullshit.

Don't take my unfollow the wrong way. You're clever and entertaining and I like you... For like 3 posts a day. But your stream of consciousness is a fire hose.

One reason I love (and the majority of the ) is because most of the people here may disagree strongly with my thoughts, but more often than not people stay fairly respectable. I can call many of you (with whom I completely disagree on a very basic level) colleagues and friends. There is virtually no love-loss because of a disagreement.

It gives me hope for the future of humanity that there are so many polar opposites being excellent to each other!

Hey guys, learned about this epic alternative to twitter from CCC. My first social network that I join, and happily! I'm really curious what will happen ;)
Thanks @fosstodon for providing this instance!
Just a few things about me: I'm a FOSS enthusiast (obviously!), I adore Linux and always strive for a deeper understanding of it, I am interested in infosec and cryptography and also care a lot about digital and analog games!

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