Testing out the 19.08 release of Mycroft on my ThinkPad. Things do seem snappier.

@mikestone what's your experience with it? Is it already a useful virtual assistant or just mere open source novelty? Does it also support voice control?

BTW, I have never used any of these virtual assistants, not even the big proprietary ones. Am I missing anything?

@JackieLibre @mikestone It really depends on your opinion of voice assistants in general. While I like Mycroft, it's not on par with any of the big proprietary offerings. It's improving rapidly though. I really like the voice assistants. I do find that the majority of the time I'm doing mundane things with them that could easily be done a different way. It's just what's convenient. If you're interested, I'd recommend one of these with Mycroft to start:



@mike thanks for a nice manual.
Replacing Pi with @olimex's and using it would be rather nice open source hardware and software .

3D print a custom case for it and it might not even look to be DIY anymore.

@JackieLibre I've been itching to build one into an old antique looking radio. Dunno, just seems like it would be cool.


@JackieLibre @mike @olimex

What does Mycroft brings that Snips (snips.ai) doesn't?
(I never tested either but from what I've been told the free version fo snips is good with a microphone but has more troube to pick orders from ambient sounds)

@LienRag Never tried snips. Last I checked it wasn't open source, but that might have changed in the interim.

@JackieLibre @olimex

@mike @JackieLibre @olimex

You may be right, I can't find a clear opensource licence on their site.
From @hoper 's conference at Pas Sage En Seine I got that most of it is free software though? It's based on Mozilla's Common Voice project IIRC.

@LienRag @mike @JackieLibre @olimex
Only some parts are open source. Not all :( but the developpers had swear all will be open at some point. Also, I don't think they used Mozilla work...
But what they will do exactly with snips is less and less clear :(

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