I was working on for @olimex

The SATA port does not fit as neatly as it could and the board is actually attached to the box with just one screw, but it works. 🙂

If anyone would like to print their own box or even better improve it, move the holes for ports and screws by a few milliliters, so they will fit more tightly, let me know and I will upload the and files on GitLab, FramaGit or somewhere. :openhardware:



Scrolling through my timeline, I had the thought "wow, @JackieLibre built a computer enclosure *out of chocolate!*"

Even though that wasn't quite right, it still looks like a cool project!

Thanks @codesections well that would be crazy but not impossible. At the place (a local FabLab fablabs.io/), where I was printing it, someone was in the past trying making a chocolate 3D printer.

They could made the chocolate filament, even it was printing just fine, however the melted chocolate wasn't cooling fast enough to hold any shape and they got stuck there. Although there are DIY thingiverse.com/thing:3511736/ as well as commercial printers that can actually print chocolate.


And chocolate enclosure would be indeed crazy. Some were warning me, even with the plastic filament, that I should check if it can withstand temperatures from the board and it won't melt. 🍫

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