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I'm on Mastodon cause I'm fond of open source and as they are idealistic ideas that truly work.

Beside I'm into languages. Currently mostly 🇯🇵 , 🇫🇷 and 🇩🇪 . I'm studying to get comfortable with it.

I wish to overcome this awkward “No, I personally don't know anybody else who is using Fediverse” problem, so I'm considering to organise a in the where I live.

what are the alternatives for cloudflare (ddos protection)?
my main goal is to avoid recaptcha

Only Chuck Norris shuts down websites without due process, not SOPA or PIPA.

Want to comment a post on @pixelfed that does not yet appear in #Mastodon?

Go to post page on PixelFed, copy the URL, and paste it in the search bar of Mastodon. Voilà !

Pro tip: it also works with #PeerTube videos

Browser diversity is crucial for an open web. "You are both consumer and producer. You have a say in how the future plays out." ... "an Internet that runs only on Chrome’s engine, Blink, and its offspring, is not the paradise we like to imagine it to be." #firefox #chrome #edge

Didn’t have time to try it, but if you want something more polished then GPL licensed Liberation Circuit where you “take command directly and play the game as an RTS, or use the game's built-in editor and compiler to write your own unit AI in a simplified version of C!” might be a good choice.

Open Source

is (in this case) a name of a little game prototype, where it is impossible to cheat...
As you use console all the time to reshape the game anyway. 😀

In case you are brave enough to allow JavaScript, you can play it directly in your browser.

[MIT licensed source code]

There is actually whole genre where you edit code in-game, which is called, well, source code.

[games with similar mechanics]

As you might have seen, I made another video/remix recently:

That one had quite a bunch of instruments and took quite a while to create. So for the next piece I'm going try something a LOT more minimalist:

It's going to contain exactly one "instrument": an old, fucked-up cooking pot.

No, I'm not kidding. I want to see how many different sounds it can produce and whether or not I can make a percussion piece that doesn't sound like complete crap.

Dark and gloomy with lyrics that thankfully include hints of positive revolt to brighten up the atmosphere.

band (Emptiness in the core of your hope) offers this in this weeks called (To withstand freedom).

Their music is licensed under , their website greets you with “WhatsApp is plague” “Social networks are pest”


[website] dieleereimkerndeinerhoffnung.d

What's the point of Keybase integration? Why are we tying stuff to a centralized service? (genuinely asking)

Ask HN: Are we killing the web by giving to much power to SSL cert authorities -

In this post I try to explain the Double Ratchet Algorithm that drives the cryptography behind OMEMO and Signal. This is the second part of my series about the crypto behind OMEMO.

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