I shouldn't have to think about left vs right when choosing the dismiss or snooze my alarm

@JRLarsen I don't think, I just do ;) That's also why I have 4 alarms in 5 min intervals for every weekday :p


@sotolf lol. I'm usually good about just doing it correctly. This morning though, I dismissed then woke up 50 minutes later. I usually leave at 5 so I quickly ordered my Lyft and got ready and by the time I got ready, I realized I didn't confirm my Lyft so I had to wait an extra 17 minutes to get someone. Luckily I usually arrive 30 minutes early so Im still on time

@JRLarsen Yeah, it was a couple of times ending up doing that which is the reasons for my multiples, I figured out better safe than sorry, and I'll have to live with dismissing the alarms in the morning :p

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