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Switched from pulseaudio to pipewire and it's insane how much of a difference it made

The 3 months of unemployment between my last job and this job, the only time I touched Windows were brief moments when helping friends with minor issues
For the passed 2 months at this new job, I've had to use Windows again and every little thing is more and more annoying

So where would I start if I wanted to have a subdomain for a virtual machine on my website hosted on a different computer than my http server?
Like my website is on an RPI and I already have reverse proxying setup
I'd like to host the virtual machine on my desktop and access it over a browser

I just realized my dog's in horny jail

He's getting kenneled over night because he's constantly harassing my female dog who's in heat. The other night he harassed her the entire night

I shouldn't have to think about left vs right when choosing the dismiss or snooze my alarm

I was able to talk more about Linux with my Lyft driver than anyone on the UNIX team at work. Lol

Earlier today
Me to the team: "Let's acknowledge and folder our emails, please"
Coworker (jokingly) *sends a GIF with "You're not my supervisor"

Supervisor to team *spams chat with dozens of emails left in the inbox*

Ya boi got a 100% on his performance review

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Mailspring always losses connection to my accounts

I keep hearing the ringtone of the phones from work but I even checked my laptop to make sure it wasn't that and it wasn't even powered on

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stolen from Twitter: which HTTP 400-level code describes your sex life?

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Since my last install of Arch, I've been seeing a lot of missing characters and checking the fonts but had the fonts installed already. I just realized that they were in other languages by putting them in google translate. lol

>Have 2 treats left
>Pupper 1 is in my room and I give her one
>~30 mins pass
>Go downstairs and give pupper 2 the last treat
>Pupper 1 sees it and whines when she doesn't get one

>Receive an email to my gmail address
>Report phishing
>10 minutes later receive an identical email to my inbox

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