I need to learn to take breaks instead of trying to rush every course I take

Almost every time One Piece gets a new OP, it's when I had just gotten used to the last one
Except this last one, I still wasn't used to and now it's already changed

Ordered a drink at a resturaunt and it was like bland asl. Like it tasted like flat champagne. When the waiter came by I said "this ain't it" and he took it literally, looking at the menu to see if he got the right drink. lol

Why isn't there a gaming mouse with a Lenovo nipple on it. like maybe below the scroll wheel

Who wants to donate me an 8TB Sabrent Rocket Q?

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napping on your lunch break and waking up not sure if you took a 20 minute nap or hour and 20 minute nap

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tfw you're listening to your favorites playlist and you have the strong urge to add a song to your favorites even though it's already there

Would you watch a 20+ minute video about can openers? No?
It's from Technology Connections? Chill. Here's a link

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private off for 18 hours so feel free to retweet me while you can

I've had 4 scam calls in the last 24 hours Dx

Truck's in the shop because a wheel flew off
Ran out of rabbit food
Between today and yesterday Sofia's been getting all the lettuce and some carrots she could want. lol

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Universal Audio's official forum account said they would add Linux support if "tens of thousands" of people signed a petition.

Here is that petition!

And here is the forum post

What's for chew today?

I failed Dx

209 X/6


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