@kate It's easily disabled. I'm not a fan of it, but they have to make money somehow.

And at this point they're vastly losing, so there might come a time in the near future where we don't have a choice and can't disable this stuff.

So I still appreciate the Firefox team for all the hardwork and keeping the browser free and allowing easy ways to disable this stuff.



Free Software isn't free (as beer) to produce, but do Mozilla really need to pay million-dollars salaries to its top executives ?

Maybe if they stopped doing that they'll find themselves with enough money to maintain a good web browser...


@Iutech @kate

I don't know what they NEED to do, because I don't work there. But it seems like you have the solution to their problems. Have you attempted to get a job there? Have you attempted to contribute to the code base to help make it a good web browser? I'm sure they'd be happy to hear your suggestions that you can solve their money problems.

@Iutech @ozoned @kate

technically firefox may still be the "best" browser, but it's due to browsers degrading generally... at most i would say firefox has a "barely passing" score.

its ui is largely uncustomizable. and they continue to make unconfigurable bad ui decisions. i feel very sad about this.
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