I have some time on my hands now and would like to dabble a little bit with Linux From Scratch as a learning experience but can't find how to begin ?
i.e I get that I will need to install everything manually but what's the basic ISO I should install on the VM to be able to install manually all the packages ?

@Iutech Does this help?

Chapter 1.1 Introduction looks like it kicks this off.

Can't say that's something I'd ever have the patience for, best of luck! :)


This book is the first thing that I looked for answers, but it doesn't provide them (on that topic I mean).
Or do I have to install a Debian (or whatever) VM and then install LFS on one of its partition ?
Seems counter-productive...

@Iutech I've never really looked in to it before, so I'd hate to send you down the wrong path. But, on an initial skim reading, I would say yes, you'd need to install / live boot another environment and build up from that as you need all the tools and packages to actually create it.

Seems incredibly complicated, but would be one hell of a learning experience!


The part of it being complicated is not a problem as it's a leaning experience indeed.

And also that's the reason for putting it on a VM, so it can be paused and resumed anytime (and snapshotted too).

What seems stupid is not being able to install directly a minimal kernel in a VM and go on the hard way from there.

@Iutech @gray Not the kernel, but the base to start building is... The building toolchain. So yeah, you'll likely need a working GNU+Linux to start. That said, there are unofficial ISOs, but IDK anything about them:

As a suggestion, a close LFS but somewhat more practical and approachable IMHO is You have to build your kernel from scratch, but provides you a very small base with the tools to bootstrap your system, a package manager... :)

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