Well, I think I’ve found an excuse to learn German. And LaTeX. There’s someone who uses Nix to reproduce their LaTeX documents which happen to be RPG character sheets. :ablobcathyper: I discovered the article they wrote in English to explain the general technique, but the GitHub repo it’s actually used in is in German. (Links once I get back to my desktop.)

ECOPOL poll 

@urusan If you want to curb emissions, go stop the people causing emissions, as in corporations, stockholders, and marketers selling big trucks. Your own personal consumption doesn't make a difference one or the other.

Since we're all excited about the image of Sagittarius A*, here's a different view of the central regions of our galaxy.

In January the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa released a stunning radio dataset. In the image below I colorised it using what we call spectral index, which tells us what causes this radio emission, like electrons accelerated by magnetic fields.

Sgr A* would be an tiny spec at the center of this image.

More info: sarao.ac.za/media-releases/new

#astronomy #astrophotography

Oh arg. I don’t know C# at all, and it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written any Rust.

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TFW you decide to rewrite it in Rust, because that’s the easier solution to getting a C# project packaged for .

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

At least now I’ve migrated to Pipewire during that yak shave?

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I’ve been having a problem where the Bluetooth controller wasn’t being detected anymore. Really unfortunate when I only have Bluetooth speakers for this machine. Started looking into btmon, bluetoothd, etc trying to find the problem. Finally checked BIOS, and it said “Enabled”, but I changed to disabled, rebooted and changed it back, and now it all works again.

Explained all this to my wife, and realized I should have turned it off and on again in the first place. :blobcatfacepalm:

Do you eat any foods that you consider an edible ingredient (ex. cheese, plain bread, steamed rice, raw sugar, etc.) with no preparation (aside from getting it into a manageable portion) and outside of a context where it's customary to eat that food?

Some examples of customary contexts: eating steamed rice as a side at a restaurant where it's provided or eating cheese as a cheese stick.

Splitting this into USA and the rest of the world to see if there's any difference.

Do people like threads here? I guess we'll find out!

Between meetings today I thought I'd talk about #NASA #JWST and all the exciting #science we can expect from it starting in a few months!

(Yes, I made this travel mug ❤️)

#SciComm #Exoplanets #Astronomy #Astrophysics #Telescope #MastodonNewbie

Out with the family and we see a Marine in dress uniform. My daughter whispers, “Daddy, is that a space man?”

I want a Web where CDNs are unnecessary.

Where different organizations, different website operators, can help each other out by hosting assets for each others' websites, thus spreading the load across many orgs in solidarity, instead of centralizing it in gatekeepers.

I've had this idea for years. The problem always was: how do I trust third party operators with my website's assets?

I believe I might slowly be getting to a point of having a decent answer to that question.

No blockchain required.

Happy ! My house got three new additions a couple of weeks ago. Meet Lt. Splattercoat, Master Sergeant Pumpkin Britches, and PFC Slinkerton.

Вам письмо из Хогвартса, но я вам его не отдам, у вас документов нету.

Great news!
IRS end ID.me contract and considers avoiding facial recognition. Considering other security options instead.


I like to dream what it would have been if all the money invested in the distro and its maintenance had been invested in training teachers to use a commercial distro. The way it was done, the computers were sparsily used for classwork and to open PDF files until it was expectedly decided that it was slowing people down and pen and paper was the way to go as it had always been.

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