Heeelp, external services and just won't work on my server 😢

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Do you remember the time when people were much more interested in what other people have to say rather than what other people can't say?

I'm happy like a child. My girlfriend couldn't care less about tech, computers, software... But I got her to use earlier and now my when texting with me. And today I had her approval to install on her laptop. With the laptop was barely usable. Now, it runs super smoothly. I hope she likes it.

For the record, not in love with , not at all. Several crashes, no hope for WiFi... ThinkPad x200 tablet obviously not suited for BSD...😥

Recently, I set up a and offered people close and not so close to me to register as many accounts as they like. I did all the work ans I pay for the server. Quite comfortable, right? For me, it's fun. I do it for the sake of ministry.

So, the server is up for a week now. Guess how many were interested in registration so far 😄

Need help with my server. I want to install a module but I have no clue how. The documentation is to cryptic for me. Does someone have an example? Examples are so much easier for me to work with.

: When you start looking, you can find a lot of analogies between how work and .

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Don't judge me but:

the social (and spatial) distancing, the lockdown, everyone is covering their face...
no going out, no inviting...
no social pressure to socialize...

The is the time of my life! 😅

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Over the last 28 days we have seen almost 30% growth in our Twitter audience.

Every new follower represents a nail in the coffin of the organisations who profit from us and try to control us using data.

If privacy is your way of life — #GetSession.

I asked someone whether he is planing to leave .

He: "...as long as I have in my pocket and use , I don't need to care about 🤷🏻".

Me: "...😳..."

@session I wonder whether there's a way to have 2 accounts running simultaneously or running 2 instances on one device (android in my case). I'd like to have an additional public oriented ID which I can share with a broader range of people.

@Tutanota I love your service! Do you plan to add a mailing list feature? This would be awesome.

Finally, I gave my sub a finish. No more raw MDF shame 😉

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