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Stories in FluffyChat are soon ready to ship. They are based on an MSC and will be compatible with stories from MinesTRIX.

Many apps like WhatsApp and Instagram have this feature but FluffyChat will be the first app with fully end to end encrypted stories 💪

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With the 's current short battery life, and no major improvement in sight (that I know of), it seems like a good idea to purchase a backup battery. Having to take out the whole back cover is a hassle though.

I just found that @PINE64 supplies the CAD file for the back cover in STEP format! I would like to have a cover with an integrated door, think TV remote.

But is there any current 3D printer that can print such fine details?!? Mine circa-2013 sure can't.

Most news sites these days truncate their feeds but then there are these intelligent folks at CNN which not only omit everything of use, but are actively hostile against RSS users.

All of their feeds contain a single sentence and 10+ copies of the SAME image, in different resolutions. They force you to download a useless image multiple times.

This is definitely intentional. They are trying to bloat up your feed aggregator.

So this is my first toot on this instance. Apparently, I forgot where my previous account was.


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