I'm thinking of forking the vala app connecto and maintaining an elementary app for KDE Connect. Do y'all think there would be enough interest in a native solution for phone support in elementary?

Do you believe in digital minimalism?

@lordrishav @hbenjamin @greenpete @tobtobxx I agree that Google Analytics are bad, but the important thing is that the telemetry is *opt-in*. Audacity's telemetry is *NOT* on by default, so why should we get butthurt about it? Just don't opt-in to their telemetry, and you'll be fine πŸ™‚οΈ

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Telemetry πŸ‘οΈ is πŸ‘οΈ not πŸ‘οΈ bad πŸ‘οΈ if πŸ‘οΈ it πŸ‘οΈ is πŸ‘οΈ opt πŸ‘οΈ in.

My only hope is Audacity decides to make that data public and transparent.

I really hope that more people start realizing privacy is necessary. Just because you have nothing to hide, doesn't mean you have nothing to protect.

I am a 17 (almost 18) year old software developer and full time Linux user.

I got started with Linux at the age of seven using Edubuntu on an old Win 2000 server computer and started learning how to use other distros on an old Acer Aspire One.

I am proficient in Python and develop discord bots as well as other applications.

I hope to break into the FOSS community and start working on projects soon. You can find me on Github as garman1001.


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