Optimizing code is like trying to get the last bits of toothpaste out of the tube: the more you do it, the more difficult it becomes, but in hindsight it's surprising how much you managed overall.

Just got an integration loop from >400μs to <160μs and it took me only 22 hours. \o/

I'm supposed to profile the simulation code I've been working on for a bit over a year from three different phases during its development. Looking at the year old code I can only say one thing: One year younger me deserves to be slapped hard for being so fucking stupid. /slap @Hunaja

Then again, it would be sad to find out the code was better a year ago than it's now... 🤔

Personally I've never used perl for anything, and I never will, if using cpan is a reflection of how things are done in the perl world. This is horribly, horribly, horribly messy compared to the user experience of e.g. pip. I mean, the default solution to uninstalling a module is to find out all the files that cpan installed and then manually remove them? Well, I guess I better grab "stat" and start hunting then.

Small things that makes one happy: You forget that you still have some coffee in your mug. You notice it, drink it and it's still warm.

There's an offer for a bunch of unix stickers for very little money: stickermule.com/unixstickers

If you like (melodic) metal music, check out
They have a new single called "Maa martona makaa", and holy crap is it good.

@jonne Totta, halpuus & helppous johtaa helposti siihen, että "www.tosihyvadomainwoweikamaksanuedespaljoa.com" rekisteröityy vahingossa omiin nimiin.

@arch_mage In that case you might also be interested in an upcoming game called


@jonne Domainithan* on halpaa kuin saippua. Ei se niin vaarallista ole. Jos vertaa muihin kuukausimaksullisiin juttuihin, niin yhden streamauspalvelun hinnalla saa ~10 domainia. Itse siis maksan omastani 60e/5v, eli 1e/kk.

*epäsuositut sellaiset

A balancing act: allowing myself to be lazy and unproductive to avoid burnout while figuring out when I'm trying to trick myself with an excuse to avoid doing unpleasant or boring stuff. I guess that pretty much sums up adult life?

@gxtony I'm not buying one yet, just pondering about different options.

@gxtony Oh, and even if I didn't offer a solution to your problem, maybe you can read the comment as "Don't buy 5 year old used phones". I guess you meant new ones anyway.

@gxtony I'm sort of in the same boat. My 5 years old phone is starting to go crazy a bit by bit. I'm wondering if I should buy a good old "stupidphone" and then a mini tablet for the "smart" things. But I hope this android lasts until the end of the year, when it might be possible to get my hands on the .

@1792coins Well, everything. Language is the organization of thoughts into coherent patterns, and thoughts are the way we perceive things.

I was surprised to see my simulation code isn't deterministic with the same inputs (incl. rng seed), until I remembered that floating point operations are non-commutative and the order of atomic operations on the GPU is essentially random.

@protonmail @Matter Thanks for the clarification and source! I'll be sure to check it and change my opinion accordingly!

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