I'm starting the slow process of changing email addresses. I've been using the free one from the search engine people until now, but I'm changing to

I'm not looking forward to the process, but I am looking forward to the moment it's finished.

@Hunaja maybe think about getting a domain. Then you can choose a hosting but not depend on them, and be able to move at will without a lengthy process of updating accounts and informing people. Plus, it's cool!

@Matter That's an option I'll look into.

I just started looking for more info on and apparently there are some allegations that it's not so private and secure after all.

@Hunaja @Matter I read the privacy policy and it seems to hold water at least at a glance. Still think it'd b better then search engine mail. I'm in the same process rn actually. Welcome to the club

@davidblinux @Matter Yeah, I'm sure it's an upgrade (and probably even a good one), but since the process of changing is so damn tedious, I decided to go for a long term solution. I don't want to jump from a burning car to a car that's only a tiny bit aflame. I'd really hope for a car that doesn't even smoke!

@Hunaja @Matter totally understand. I figure I'd be more of a danger to my messages keeping them cuz I know nothing about properly running domains and mail servers

@davidblinux Ah, but I'm not hosting an email server myself. I'm buying a domain and then attaching an email service (from the same provider) to that domain. This way I will have the same email address for as long as I own the domain and I can change the hosting service at will, like @Matter mentioned. So if I start disliking the service provider, I can change freely, without having to worry about my email address changing as well. Very handy (and cool!).

@Hunaja @Matter These allegations are false, and have also been refuted by the Swiss public prosecutor. You can find more details here:

@protonmail @Hunaja I love that you guys actually use this platform instead of just having a mirror. Kudos for that!

@protonmail @Matter Thanks for the clarification and source! I'll be sure to check it and change my opinion accordingly!

@Hunaja nice move. I switched to Protonmail a year or so ago and haven't looked back. Its been a good experience.

@jordan31 Glad to hear that, although (as you see from the discussion below the op), I decided to go for a domain and an email service.

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