My first toot!

I'm a C++ developer, currently studying & working in the area of computational physics and gpgpu programming. Been a :ubuntu: user for many years, but finally this year decided to give :archlinux: a go. Also very excited for PinePhone later this year!
Now let's figure out this :mastodon: thing (you can see I already found the emoticons...).


I was not aware "toot" was slang for farting :D. Well, human language is an evolving thing, so let's slowly change that meaning as more and more of us non-native speakers start tooting without understanding the aforementioned connotations.

@Hunaja It's the kind of slang my grandparents (born 100 years ago) would have used. Nobody around now says it.

@ataraxia937 @Hunaja Not quite true. My family (albeit not the the most mature family on the block) uses it.

@ataraxia937 @Hunaja There is a wonderful rhyme about beans being a magical fruit, cuz the more you eat, the more you toot... and my maturity level is about that of an eleven year old 😂

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