My first toot!

I'm a C++ developer, currently studying & working in the area of computational physics and gpgpu programming. Been a :ubuntu: user for many years, but finally this year decided to give :archlinux: a go. Also very excited for PinePhone later this year!
Now let's figure out this :mastodon: thing (you can see I already found the emoticons...).

I was not aware "toot" was slang for farting :D. Well, human language is an evolving thing, so let's slowly change that meaning as more and more of us non-native speakers start tooting without understanding the aforementioned connotations.

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@Hunaja A tip is to use "Profile directory" under Getting started. Another is to search hashtags of interesting stuff and then follow people through there. You'd want at least about a 100 to get a nice feed. Then you can make a 'list' with people you are extra interested in.

@Hunaja welcome, nice now I know who to direct my c++ questions too lol.

@Hunaja howdy! I’m also interested in giving Arch a try and the PinePhone is on the top of my list! Do you currently use a Linux phone?

@bhibb No, I'm still a slave to :android:. I've had the same phone for roughly five years now and it's slowly starting to go mad, so I've only started researching different options. PinePhone seems to me the most interesting, although there's the option of using Sailfish X with different Sony Xperias. But that's not Linux.

Give :archlinux: a go, it's very educational and in the end not that much more complicated.

@Hunaja @bhibb Welcome! I've been waiting for to get released. If it is as good as it seems I might ditch Android for good.

@beerw0lf Kiitos!

seems really interesting as well, but due to the heftier price, I'm going to wait for at least a few months after release to read some user experiences. If releases with the smaller price they've mentioned, I'm willing to buy it blind.

@Hunaja @beerw0lf agreed with you two. I listen to @ubuntupodcast and they mentioned something negative about the promises of the and though I haven’t done any research, it gave me pause at least.

I’m excited to give Arch a try but I’m torn between , , and .

Also I feel the same about the . I’m willing to buy it blind but I really hope they choose as the OS.

@bhibb @Hunaja @beerw0lf @ubuntupodcast You'll be able to load any OS you want. Ubuntu Touch is being developed for it, as well as many other phone-focused Linux distros.

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