There's an offer for a bunch of unix stickers for very little money:

If you like (melodic) metal music, check out
They have a new single called "Maa martona makaa", and holy crap is it good.

A balancing act: allowing myself to be lazy and unproductive to avoid burnout while figuring out when I'm trying to trick myself with an excuse to avoid doing unpleasant or boring stuff. I guess that pretty much sums up adult life?

I was surprised to see my simulation code isn't deterministic with the same inputs (incl. rng seed), until I remembered that floating point operations are non-commutative and the order of atomic operations on the GPU is essentially random.

How to delete your account from a small webshop 2019 edition:

"Please fill in the attached form and send it back to us. You can for example scan the form once you have filled it."

Great 👌

I'm starting the slow process of changing email addresses. I've been using the free one from the search engine people until now, but I'm changing to

I'm not looking forward to the process, but I am looking forward to the moment it's finished.

I was not aware "toot" was slang for farting :D. Well, human language is an evolving thing, so let's slowly change that meaning as more and more of us non-native speakers start tooting without understanding the aforementioned connotations.

My first toot!

I'm a C++ developer, currently studying & working in the area of computational physics and gpgpu programming. Been a :ubuntu: user for many years, but finally this year decided to give :archlinux: a go. Also very excited for PinePhone later this year!
Now let's figure out this :mastodon: thing (you can see I already found the emoticons...).


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