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I just found out I could password protect Libre Office files. I have been using this program for many years and never noticed this option somehow. Game changer !

Announcement time:

We now have our own Matrix homeserver, and it is running on hardware just like the rest of our online infrastructure! All our discussion/support channels have been moved to it as their main address.

Did I also mention it's open for user registration? 😊

After a hectic start, time for some time out to gather thoughts for the day.
Sitting by the river is my second favourite spot, my first is by the sea.
Where do you have time out, to gather your thoughts, to put your thoughts in order?

This is my daily workhorse. Here in Australia its Monday, sometimes it good to live in the future!!

We need to permanently ban the roll out of facial recognition now before it’s too late.

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CryptPad usage in the US has more than doubled last week. Last year it was used to share information to protesters in Hong Kong. I didn't imagine it would also happen in the United States ! Stay safe ! Fight for justice ! #cryptpad #privacy

Hey @PixelDroid feedback:
updated to alpha 3 (fdroid) and app force closes everytime. Downgrade fails. Uninstall A3, install A2 works but settings lost. Mobile android 10.

Just curious, does anybody use a Linux phone, like the PinePhone, or anything running PostmarketOS, Ubuntu Touch, etc? And if so, what are your thoughts?

Help request:
I have , 19.3, 19.1-ahs and installed and fully uptodate. Having and irq7 problem booting on all but Calc Linux (booting with OpenRC). Is this a kernal thing or a systemd thing?
I have searched and not much info about.
Ask if you need more info. I'll add more when I have time.

For the Android users of the fediverse, please be careful what wallpaper you set. Apparently setting backgrounds exceeding the color profile android can handle is screwing up phones, in some cases requiring a factory reset.

Is anyone else finding updates in @fdroidorg problematic?
Two apps so far want to update to installed version, & therefore fail to install!
Is this a problem on my device or at

How many others are using ?

I heard Adobe CC server is having an outage and people are locked out of their software, but I wouldn't know because my #photography software is #FOSS, so it doesn't phone home or require a EULA or some multinational cooperation's permission to use.

#darktable #gimp #rawtherapee #ArtWithOpenSource

I'm genuinely surprised there doesn't appear to be a Linux equivalent of Little Snitch for macOS. It's an application firewall that alerts the user when an application makes an outbound network connection and gives the user the ability to allow or deny the connection based on domain, port, duration, and more.
OpenSnitch was supposed to work like this, but it's been discontinued.
Is anyone aware of other projects?

Are you interested in an entirely #FreeSoftware and #FreeHardware laptop? How about if it's meant to be modified and upgraded?

In this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen sits down with Lukas Hartmann from @mntmn to talk about his history in Free Software, the MNT Reform project, and the future!

Ouch, it hurts.... 😑

"In response to the closing of many of its global testing locations, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will offer online testing to candidates.
Online testing requires a quiet, private location, a reliable computer with a camera, and a stable Internet connection.  Unfortunately, at this time only the Windows and MacOS operating systems are supported."

Bit of a disappointing day. Job terminated.
Back to job hunting...

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