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Hey, fedi!

I'd like to write a blog/gemlog post about positive experiences from open source contributions. And by that I mean I want to hear your stories, and publish them as CC0 along with my own :)

Bring it on! (Boosts are of course welcome)

Even if I wanted to buy one, they are not available to me being in Australia!

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You: "Which of these platforms should we develop on?"
Me: "They're about equal; you can't go right with any of them."
You: "They aren't the best?"
Me: "They're the best. They just aren't good. There aren't any that are good."

This is only part of what's going on. This has all been planned, because the overall outcome is a one world Govt, (see world economic Forum). Authoritarian Govt's "for the greater good" is the start of tyranny.

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Majority of the European Parliament welcomes the Commission's intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police (#chatcontrol) by 580:76:37.

Stupid answer, you read that in the media.
I'd suggest you fact check the reports from India. It's not all as it seems.

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

Postmarketos uses alpine as its base. Work well on the pinephone.

Curious, if no-one had told you & the media nor govt not mentioned Covid, would you have noticed it?

@Alastair @mike I have one for personal/family, and one for business. I also have one for techie development. And yes, long term not really an option but you do get used to it!

@tychosoft @Alastair @mike Fortunately I live in the land Down Under and quite a few here have 2 phones, one for person and one for business.

It's a fairly new characteristic of Ubuntu (only, that I'm aware of) and it can't be switched off, only delayed!

I have a Linux phone (pinephone) that I use regularly. I also have a rooted Android (lineageos) phone & tablet tethered for apps that aren't on Linux mobile, or not fully functional. It works for me 😁

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Looks like birdie won't work on postmarketos as it doesn't use systemd!

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Can someone make into and outro music for #AnarchoBookClub that sounds like the theme for MacGyver sort of? Same type of sound? I think I am not able to do this on my own.

Contact me to discuss terms. 😃
(boosts welcome)

Have a look on the lineageos download page, gives an idea as to phones supported. From experience, Sony & newer Moto have good battery. Leave Nokia - pain to unlock ($10).

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As my phone is dying from some kind of flexing (caused by long time heavy use) i need another one, but i do not know which one.

Must haves:
- Anroid (based)
- rootable
- future updates

Nice to haves:
- #lineageos support
- good battery life
- dual SIM

Not necessary:
- good camera
- fancy display features

Every hint is highly appreciated. Please feel free to boost. #followerpower

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Did you know that I have a Bitcoin wallet address that you can donate to? If you appreciate my work and want to give me a thanks you can donate some BTC to this address:


I'd advise other creators to also start taking donations in crypto since it's so convenient and is censorship resistant

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