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Did you know that I have a Bitcoin wallet address that you can donate to? If you appreciate my work and want to give me a thanks you can donate some BTC to this address:


I'd advise other creators to also start taking donations in crypto since it's so convenient and is censorship resistant

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TFW: Raspberry Pi foundation force-pushes a microsoft gpg key and vscode repository to everyone in a package update. Without letting the community know. Or explaining such a strange decision.
If people wanted microsoft's code on their pi's, they'd enter in a few commands to add the repo and the package themselves. Just like any other piece of software. Why make this the default for everyone? RPi Foundation get a huge check from MS or something?

I assume you've checked the settings are correct, refresh rate etc?
Otherwise: LCD flexcable.

Who has used or know of Voxer.com and the -talkie service?
Is it safe, secure, good support?
I know it isn't foss, so, are there any alternatives?
Thank you.

I've done some research but I your opinions over those in other areas of the internet.

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You have a and ...

- want to run a stable version of or ,
- want to use only official mainline versions of kernel and u-boot without unofficial patches,
- don't want to use non-free software / proprietary blobs,
- don't want to use unofficial 3rd party repos?

Meanwhile, most of this is achievable. I've collected some bits of information on that and condensed them in an article I recently posted on my personal website:


Photo of the result:

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Eep! Can we @conservancy
find 64 more Supporters (or fewer if they give over the regular amount) in the next week? Help spread the word! #NailBitingTime #NonProfitLiving sfconservancy.org/supporter/

Testing artix myself for a while.
I wanted an arch system without systemd for developing on the pinephone. Artix fits the bill very well.
I too prefer openrc. Also use openrc with calculate-linux - a Gentoo based distro, rock solid too!

Sorry, my comment more of a reaction than response.
Being able to have more than one GE would be a useful feature. Which mobile? Did work?

My default for an NVIDIA graphics is mxlinux. I've only had one problem in 10 years or so (simplymepis before) & the forums helped me solve.
I'm checking out artix myself. Quite stable!

Does anyone know how long it takes for @matrix to verify an account login?

Seems like forever!

That sounds interesting 🙂 thanks

Just had a look, & although looks good, is outside of my price range. Looking for something around half of that or a little less.
In Australia, I can purchase 4 or 5 Nokia 1's!

Thanks, I'll keep a look out. I enjoyed my Z which I still have - but no updates & as a 32bit system, getting a bit old!

Good suggestion.
Have one! Not quite ready as a daily for my usage..

I do have a question for some advice. I'm looking for a fairly low spec phone capable of unlocking the easily. Any recommendations warmly received.

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