I do have a question for some advice. I'm looking for a fairly low spec phone capable of unlocking the easily. Any recommendations warmly received.

Good suggestion.
Have one! Not quite ready as a daily for my usage..

@Horizon_Innovations maybe give the moto g7 a look. I can say from experience the bootloader is unlockable as well.

I can recomend my sony xperia 10, its reletivly new but spec wise its not bad and unlocking it is bot too dificult. Idk what these gose for second hand, but i would try that if you can find them

Thanks, I'll keep a look out. I enjoyed my Z which I still have - but no updates & as a 32bit system, getting a bit old!

I m using both my old z3 compact and my xperia 10. Other then size the old one hold suprisngly weøl up

@Horizon_Innovations Well if you plan to use UbPorts as daily driver i recommend the Volla phone. A modern low spec smartphone that can run either Android or Ubports with official support. Obviously the boot loader is unlocked.

That sounds interesting 🙂 thanks

Just had a look, & although looks good, is outside of my price range. Looking for something around half of that or a little less.
In Australia, I can purchase 4 or 5 Nokia 1's!

I'd recommend checking out the Xiaomi Mi A2 not only can you unlock the bootloader but you can flash a signed OS with verified boot keys and relock the bootloader and have working verified boot!
#CalyxOS is available for the MiA2 and has verified boot.
Can pick them up pretty cheap now.

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