Seeing how Bitcoin is doing, what crypto currency wallet do you use/recommend and why?
Asking for a friend (& myself!)

@Horizon_Innovations Trezor hardrware wallet for long-term storage.

For mobile (smaller amounts for spending), go with either Bluewallet or Samourai Wallet.

@Horizon_Innovations Electrum Wallet, from It can generate an address for you to start off with, and if you get a Trezor down the line it can work with that too.

Just remember:
- Always download the wallet application from the developer's site. Don't even update from within the application.
- If your Trezor/Ledger comes with a scratch card, it's a scam
- Never give your 12 word seed out. Write it down and keep the paper copy under lock and key

@Horizon_Innovations I use argent wallet but it only supports ethereum and erc tokens so no good for Bitcoin. That said maybe grab it and checkout defi :linus:

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